Land Surveyor Resume Sample

Land Surveyors survey the land for legal property boundaries, topographical work and building layouts. Their duties include establishing boundaries, providing surveys for legal documents, researching new surveying techniques, working with surveying equipment, assisting in writing land descriptions for owners and spending time outside.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Land Surveyor Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Land Surveyor resumes for your reference.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 1

  • Performed architectural drawing and photographic studies.
  • Conducted traffic analysis to determine existing conditions and reviewed affected building plans.
  • Maintained high standards of concern for safety and well being of coworkers, clients, and assistants.
  • Achieved award for developing a rap video for a benefit concert for a low-income community in need of essential services; participated in the planning process for the event.
  • Received outstanding quality award; effectively collaborated with other professionals to prepare a site plan, traffic analysis, photographs, and building plans.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 2

  • Completed temporary survey of subdivision, which included surveying and staking lots, roads, and easements for several new residential subdivisions.
  • Accumulated years of experience in the field; qualified as a Primary Collation Inspector on private and public projects.
  • Presentable to potential clients by consistently dressing professionally; appearance as a professional reflects well on the company.
  • Performed site plan review; checked surveys submitted against field notes to ensure that they concurred with check sheets.
  • Recognized in field for knowledge of land surveying codes and standards along with effective communication skills.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 3

  • Structured the design, development and implementation of survey program; oversaw the installation on construction of a mile long collector sewer, a 4-lane highway, and an 800-foot long runway.
  • Completed numerous civil engineering projects primarily in the area of water and sewer system. Achieved several awards as a result of his performance including being named to top 30% based on overall project bonuses received.
  • Negotiated contract between the City and County to replace over one hundred box culverts across both counties; within hours was able to secure competitive quotes for compliance with bid specifications.
  • Designed and implemented a land surveying program that was well received by the City Engineer; increased accuracy from 98% to 99.6%.
  • Established a new department record for survey completions in 2009; completed projects were installed ahead of schedule and delivered prime to the City Engineer.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 4

  • Design, perform and supervise final site/building inspections; compile construction related accident reports.
  • Created and maintained a database to document all development design plans, which included over 1,000 drawings.
  • Manage all of the company’s operations in the field; train others to perform their jobs.
  • Performed field work at various construction sites; communicated with contractors regarding specifications, conditions and information.
  • Conducted routine maintenance including lead abatement, pest treatment and restorations. Supervised others on projects as needed.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 5

  • Accurately identified, carved, and delineated land boundaries and measurements.
  • Accurately delineated portions of the property pertaining to tree damage, utility lines, and easements.
  • Demonstrated the ability to calculate various angles.
  • Accurately determined the final dimensions of a structure based on field measurements.
  • Accurately measured various distances and encoded the information on the survey document.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 6

  • Recognized by the Regional Manager for outstanding performance; effectively supervised and directed field drafters.
  • Obtained a contract to complete a land survey of a property; received award for providing exceptional customer service, including communicating with customers clearly, concisely and quickly.
  • Achieved excellent quality rating; was recognized by peers after successfully completing 3 projects within three months.
  • Was recognized by the Senior Land Surveyor for outstanding performance on multi-family lot in the Redevelopment area of Queens, New York, pertaining to construction drawings, specifications and compliance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Received award for providing exceptional customer service; communicated with customers clearly, concisely, and quickly.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 7

  • Coordinated a full-time survey crew and the scheduling of fieldwork to minimize the amount of time between placing stakes and completion of final report.
  • Streamlined office processes to efficiently access data and materials.
  • Assigned multiple tasks throughout the project to ensure completion objectives were met.
  • Received award for achieving 100% closing rate for single-family residential additions/alterations, 100% closing rate for office-condominium division and 100% closing rate for industrial/commercial division projects.
  • Received award for achieving 100% closure rate on projects involving property lines, fencing, and easements.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 8

  • Complemented the surveyor’s drawing and noted discrepancies between the original and final plans.
  • Collected information regarding the real estate property, such as market value, zoning, fire marshal report, appraisal report, property owners association details.
  • Created and maintained critical documents including the client’s construction budget and timeline.
  • Initiated and completed surveys of wind speed/direction by passing a sensor over a site; applied measurements to map; followed up with contractors.
  • Contributed to site inspection of 20 properties per week; prepared 6-10 site plans every month; maintained extensive property records.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 9

  • Conducted a site inspection of the approximate 30-acre property for possible development; determined that the land was suitable for construction of a single family dwelling.
  • Directed contractor, as well as owner’s representative and architect, on the design and layout of the proposed house and home office.
  • Interviewed subcontractors, design professionals, and local government officials in order to form an appreciation of the community in which they will be working.
  • Developed a plan to ensure that the contract specifications would be met prior to bidding.
  • Received an award for achieving outstanding quality in the construction of a new home..

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 10

  • Performed field measurements required by the customer and compiled survey responses, including the layout drawing.
  • Utilized GPS, SURPRISE™, and GIS technology to assist in establishing correct surveying coordinates.
  • Developed proficient knowledge of laptop computer software with Windows XP Pro operating system and proficient knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Demonstrated process proficiency in using Microsoft Office Professional software; demonstrated proficiency with full-scale AutoCAD® software.
  • Received award for excellence in professional performance from the owner’s representative for completing a detailed survey of an acreage lot in less than 24 hours for acquisition of a home site for a new home under construction.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 11

  • Established new guidelines, which complied with the U.S. Constitution, Fifth Amendment, and Fourteenth Amendment, in order to obtain payment by non-payment of wages by the recipient of a governmental grant.
  • Successfully applied principles of civil procedure and evidence to successful litigation against a subcontractor to recover monies owed.
  • Successfully represented an agency on appeal before the New Mexico State Land Office and the New Mexico State Planning Board; acted as lead attorney for an appeals division in multiple court cases involving eminent domain.
  • Represented a subcontractor in a construction dispute arising from a state highway project.
  • Testified as an expert witness in the trial and closing of two separate construction disputes resulting in multimillion-dollar jury verdicts.

Land Surveyor Resume Sample 12

  • Conducted a detailed topographic survey using Global Positioning Satellite instrumentation, Tacheometric Surveying equipment, and conventional equipment.
  • Outstanding performance as the sole technician in locating and marking boundaries for subdivision; recognized with award by the Bronx Division of Land Records.
  • Consistently conducted topographic surveys required for permit applications for federal, state, county, and municipal agencies.
  • Completed a walking survey of all water districts in Nassau County within one year; recognized by Commissioner of Water Resources.
  • Compiled various documents required to locate water mains within subdivisions; customer satisfaction rating was 100% from engineers, developers, and utility companies.

Wrap Up

To work as a Land Surveyor you must have a Bachelor’s degree in surveying or in a related field and attain a state license. Land Surveyors must demonstrate mathematical skills, physical ability, attention to detail, competence in surveying techniques, ability to use surveying equipment, researching ability and writing skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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