Salon Manager Resume Sample

The Salon Manager supervises and coordinates the activities of all salon employees and ensures that customers receive excellent service. Duties include hiring, training, and scheduling staff; setting prices for treatments; monitoring productivity; maintaining supplies; managing inventory; overseeing salon facility operations including safety measures; and recommending new products or services to maximize sales. A high school diploma is required but experience in this field can be helpful.

The Best Salon Manager Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Salon Manager resumes for your reference.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 1

  • Demonstrated exceptional business acumen in all aspects of the salon and retail stores’ financial reporting & key business drivers.
  • Utilized strong verbal and facilitation skills to break information down into clear and concise steps using conference calls, email, training sessions, and one-on-one coaching.
  • Recruited 3 advanced-level stylists and developed a current Stylist and Aesthetician to level jump through in-the-moment coaching and goal setting meetings.
  • Identified opportunities to fix the shelving mix with benefits to both the business and the retailer.
  • Collaborated with Sales on recommending appropriate products for clients resulting in increased revenues.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 2

  • Acted as liaison between employees and clients to ensure all customer service inquiries, and complaints were handled properly.
  • Handled administrative aspects of sales including recording inventory, accepting customer payments, and inputting daily sales logs.
  • Implemented and conducted career seminars, scheduled and confirmed interviews as well as arranged job advertisements.
  • Managed salon operations including booth leasing, bookkeeping, accounting, multi-line phone, scheduling, and social media platforms.
  • Consult weekly with salon owners on branding to generate creative ways to increase sales.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 3

  • Greeted clients and scheduled future appointments upon client checkout, walk-ins, and over the phone.
  • Maintained an adequate stock of inventory and proficient ordering/receiving of salon retail.
  • Maximized the sales of professional hair care products through product knowledge and promotions.
  • Cut outsourced expenses by creating a streamlined technician training program in-house.
  • General management duties including hiring, scheduling, salon organization, and cleanliness.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 4

  • Contributed to daily sales goals by educating customers on products while listening to their needs.
  • Implemented monthly commission sales goals for a team of stylists and associates.
  • Trained all associates with thorough product knowledge presentations and “in the moment” coaching.
  • Developed a consistent training program with sales techniques to increase profit and guarantee the best experience for our diverse customer base.
  • Expanded revenue and profits by over 40% during the first year at “Aesthetica”. Increased customer satisfaction, average sales, and per-customer visit.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 5

  • Managed sales targets and payroll percentage as well as calculated extra-service and commission ratios for a team of six salon employees.
  • Established employee roles and responsibilities within the salon and guided corporate practices and policies.
  • Trained and mentored pet stylist trainees to encourage and promote positive customer.
  • Supervised the daily operations of five pet stylists and two grooming assistants.
  • Reduced operating expenditures by 20% through improved management of the company’s image, inventory, and scheduling.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 6

  • Conducted personal sessions with clients to address their hair and skin issues, guiding them about suitable salon services.
  • Designed attractive packages and promote the same to meet sales targets.
  • Maintained records of sales and enhance PR to increase clientele in general.
  • Doubled membership income and clientele within the first six months of employment; developed a membership loyalty program for returning customers.
  • Expanded the company’s geographic reach through new marketing initiatives to increase clientele.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 7

  • Focused on customer service, operational standards, and building the business through team development by training, motivating, maintaining, and scheduling the necessary sales staff.
  • Maintained banking, ordering, and inventory tracking using Excel spreadsheets.
  • Attended training to increase knowledge of product lines and their ingredients.
  • Consistently oversaw marketing activities that generated customer traffic to meet and exceed monthly corporate sales goals.
  • Trained an assistant to run the business for a week, then conducted a half-day training session for an entire staff of employees.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 8

  • Encouraged and motivated all staff to maximum potential to ensure the growth of the individual and the company.
  • Attended training classes to maintain the proper salon and hair care standards.
  • Advised clients on products available for retail purchase and proper hair care methods.
  • Credited with maximizing sales volume, improving client relations, and increasing employee morale from one salon to four.
  • Secured cash flow and retained outstanding customers after assuming ownership and managing three salons.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 9

  • Responsible for processing I-9 and Tax documentation for the stylist to maintain IRS compliance.
  • Designated administrator for operating the Millennium Appointment System to sustain a systematic.
  • Serve as the designated personnel for submitting bill invoices and the payment of associated salons.
  • Increased product revenue and attracted new customers by devising an exclusive spa service that had clients returning for more visits.
  • Performed nightly bookkeeping duties; analyzed data for trends in business success by tracking clients’ purchases, incomes, payments received, and overhead expenses.

Salon Manager Resume Sample 10

  • Completed daily grooming payroll and commission paperwork as well as reminder cards for each pet groomed.
  • Ensured grooming salon safety by implementing standards and procedures as set forth by the company.
  • Performed routine housekeeping and maintenance to preserve the appearance of the grooming salon.
  • Managed staff and agencies to develop and produce new websites, brochures, and print releases.
  • Partnered with sales representatives to identify new products to launch. Leveraged local insights for a new product platform.

7 Tips for Making A Salon Manager Resume

The beauty industry is booming, and it’s an exciting time to be in the field. That means that there are many opportunities for people who want to work in the industry. It also means that competition has never been more fierce! You need a resume that will stand out from the crowd if you want to get noticed by employers. Here are some tips on how to make your Salon Manager Resume stand out:

1. Define what a salon manager is and the different responsibilities that come with this position

Most salon managers are responsible for hiring and firing employees, managing the salon’s budget, creating marketing campaigns, following up with potential new clients, and much more. Additional responsibilities may include handling customer complaints or questions, preparing payroll, managing vendors, and analyzing financial data.

2. Include your education, experience, and skills on your resume

When writing your resume, make sure to include your education and experience. Make sure you list where you went to school and include any certifications you may have obtained. If you’ve been working in the industry for a few years, be sure to list out everything you’ve done during that time with specifics on your responsibilities and achievements.

3. Create a list of all the places you want to work at

When making a salon manager resume, you should have a list of places that you are interested in working at. Think about the top salons/spas in your area and which ones might be hiring soon. That way, you can include all of these places on your resume! You may want to include everything from benefits offered including health care, vacation time, and more. Also, include the location of each place you’re interested in on your resume as well as a short description of why you want to work there.

4. Tailor your resume for each place you apply to

When you’re applying to many different places, it can be hard to make sure your resume is tailored for each place. You don’t know what the person reading your resume will be looking for at each place you apply. However, you also don’t want to send out a copy of your resume every time you apply somewhere! When making a salon manager career, you should tailor your resume for each place that you apply. Look closely at the job description of each position and what they are looking for. For example, if a particular spa is hiring a salesperson, highlight all of your sales experience on your resume even though it might not feel like a fit for a Salon Manager role.

5. Follow up after applying by following up with a phone call or email if they don’t contact you within 48 hours of applying

You’ve just sent off your resume to a place you want to work at. You sit back and relax, thinking that your application was submitted successfully. A few days later, you check the company’s website again only to find out there are still no new postings. Now what? Make sure you follow up if they don’t contact you after 48 hours. Don’t worry! You don’t want to be a pest and call every two days. Try calling once and then send an email if you haven’t heard anything back in another few days. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in your resume, it may just mean that there has been a delay in their process.

6. Get professional references from people who have seen you do good work – not just family members!

When making a salon manager resume, it’s always great to have people you can use as references. However, be sure to only choose people who can positively talk about your skills. They may include past managers, colleagues, or teachers. Make sure they know you well and can speak to your work ethic and talents. Getting a reference from a family member may not be as beneficial as getting one from someone else, so think about who would be the perfect person to include on your resume!

7. Use professional resume formatting

When making your resume, make sure you use professional formatting. This means that your font should be between an 11-12 pt font and nothing less than 10 pt. Also, you shouldn’t have more than two fonts on the page. If you need to use more than one font, keep them similar in size and style (for example, don’t use Times New Roman and Arial). Also, you should have all of your major sections bolded so that the person reading can easily find everything they need to know about you!

In conclusion, making a salon manager resume can seem like a daunting task. However, it doesn’t have to be! Just ask yourself what the person viewing your resume will be looking for and tailor your resume to include everything. Also, don’t forget to follow up after applying!

How to Become a Successful Salon Manager?

There are special programs both at universities and elsewhere that offer degrees as well as certification to work in the salon field, but business administration or sales can be just as useful in getting the skills needed. Some locations just want you to have experience with managerial responsibilities and the like.

Typically you will begin with mote clerical work for the salon you wish to manage, namely by scheduling customers and answering their questions while processing transactions and taking payments. This is a good way to learn customer service skills and your more regular clientele.

Once you are promoted to manager you will be in charge of several employees, and you will also be responsible for hiring more. You will need to ensure potential hires have the right skills and that all employees keep up to date on certification requirements, as most states require them to cut hair.

Keeping popular products in stock and encouraging your hairdressers to use them can make you a very nice profit, especially because some companies will pay you to carry them, especially if you’re in a more expensive salon. You’ll want your customers to always leave satisfied and ready to come back.

Wrap Up

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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