Paralegal Intern Resume Sample

A Paralegal Intern works with paralegals and lawyers to learn how to be a paralegal. Duties include talking to witnesses, performing research, preparing reports, investigating cases, writing letters, gathering evidence, and maintaining communication with clients.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Paralegal Intern Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Paralegal Intern resumes for your reference.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 1

  • Attended litigation conference with a real estate client and negotiated settlement terms of pre-trial agreements.
  • Compiled case records for a personal injury/wrongful death case involving a school bus driver.
  • Followed court procedures by preparing and filing documents relating to discovery, motions, and trial preparation.
  • Organized trial documentation and collected exhibits for counsel during the course of the trial.
  • Drafted pleadings, memoranda, subpoenas, and court filings.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 2

  • Assisted in managing and accessing files at the firm; monitored and updated statute of limitations on client’s case file.
  • Selected, researched, and obtained records in support of superior performance; monitored multiple clients’ cases to ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Distributed forms to other paralegals in preparation for the settlement conference; prepared settlement documents.
  • Achieved award for excellent performance in the supervision of paralegals during a training session by Senior Lawyer.
  • Received outstanding training rating for GDCs from a judge under whom I had taken my oath to assist.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 3

  • Assisted attorney in preparing and filing legal documents such as pleadings, notices, motions.
  • Contacted court to obtain required documentation.
  • Compiled information and research for cases; assisted in preparing legal documents such as pleadings, notices, motions.
  • Achieved national recognition for excellence in written communication; effectively obtained accurate, timely court documents via fax machine.
  • Accomplished essential tasks within department by assisting attorney with the efficient completion of assigned projects; maintained confidentiality of client affairs.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 4

  • Selected and completed legal work for a specific client.
  • Earned award for outstanding quality performance as an intern; attained a high level of proficiency with civil litigation, estate planning, probate, and real estate transactions.
  • Made outstanding contribution as a paralegal at BN.
  • Effectively completed research, accomplished legal documents (e.g., wills), prepared letters of instruction, and completed client communications in a timely manner.
  • Achieved an award for superior quality performance as an intern; successfully executed the individual client’s needs and wishes with speed, efficiency, and accuracy by working in tandem with other attorneys.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 5

  • Prepared and implemented areas of practice for clients; including research, writing discovery documents, and drafting motions.
  • Achieved an outstanding quality award; identified errors of fact or law on many cases assigned to supervise.
  • Achieved a Superstar award.
  • Achieved outstanding quality rating from superior lawyers; provided exceptional support for a Supervising Attorney.
  • Achieved outstanding quality rating from superior lawyers.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 6

  • Accomplished paralegal duties on time and in an efficient manner; Effectively incorporated legal terminology and procedures into legal documents.
  • Proactively managed co-workers to resolve complex issues; Resolved disputes between co-workers without drawing the attention of upper management.
  • Spearheaded the re-organization of a filing cabinet; Systematically indexed and filed over 10,000 documents within two months.
  • Reduced expenses by identifying unproductive expenditures; Reduced the cost of copiers by eliminating 100 unnecessary copies daily.
  • Effectively functioned as a member of the legal department’s partnership group; Responsible for the development of partnerships with attorneys and clients.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 7

  • Performed legal research, including analysis of restrictive covenants, easements, and other documents in mortgage transactions.
  • Assisted with the review of final documents for real estate closings.
  • Monitored electronic databases for real estate transaction information and updated company website based on new information.
  • Researched tax law pertaining to property tax assessments to resolve a dispute between a client and a local government entity.
  • Successfully completed assignment in a timely manner; assisted a client with coordinating necessary information for the closing of a transaction.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 8

  • Compiled and updated reports for paralegals, attorneys, and managers. Researched and analyzed legal precedents, statutes, case files, dockets, and court records. Assisted in drafting legal documents.
  • Performed research in word processing and database applications. Reviewed thousands of pages of documents to gather the information that would assist attorneys with their cases.
  • Provided administrative assistance to employees throughout the company via email correspondence; reviewed employee requests for documents, reports, or information; provided pertinent materials upon request or generated new documents or reports as needed.
  • Researched and prepared legal opinions, briefs and transcripts as needed; provided administrative assistance to employees.
  • Compiled data, such as work history, financial information, and other pertinent information in order to submit recommendations for candidates who were seeking employment with the company.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 9

  • Helped obtain a subpoena for a client and reviewed the scope of his case; took the initiative to research and contact other attorneys.
  • Upgraded my knowledge of legal procedures through preparation for two court hearings.
  • Received an award for helping to find an employee’s sister’s lost dog; acted upon customer concerns after researching them.
  • Provided support in criminal investigations, such as follow-ups with witnesses, jury duty subpoenas, etc.
  • Provided support in civil matters, including meetings with clients and reviewing records of previous cases on their behalf.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 10

  • Completed 2 years of law school and 3 additional years of paralegal studies.
  • Compiled, documented, faxed, and mailed notes to attorneys regarding client case files.
  • Wrote legal memorandums and briefs for the courtroom using WordPerfect in support of litigation matters.
  • Provided accurate legal research, drafted motions, developed client relations, and effectively communicated with clients to resolve their disputes.
  • Researched and documented legal cases, statutes, and case law for legal matters to which I was assigned.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 11

  • Reviewed, updated, and maintained a comprehensive client file of all clients referred by attorneys.
  • Accurately prepared new and revised legal documents for each individual client.
  • Handled daily correspondence with the attorneys for each client; accurately transcribed questions, answers, and notes from attorneys for each individual client.
  • Conducted research on the law pertaining to client needs for new or important matters; researched law pertaining to personal injury and death cases regarding potential litigation that might arise due to negligent actions of parties involved in accidents or medical incidents.
  • Proficiently utilized computer programs including Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word 2003, QuickBooks Pro 2006.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 12

  • Handled a pro bono client’s discharge petition.
  • Used the law library to locate and research cases regarding my client’s disability benefits.
  • Met with supervisors to determine areas of focus for future legal work.
  • Gathered necessary documents for computerization of files.
  • Completed a legal research project on an elderly couple’s rights to obtain veterans’ benefits under the Title 38 U.S. Code, Section 5102-5108, as well as decisions that support their position.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 13

  • Learned how to research, draft, and practice in a litigation setting. Identified documents to review and was present at every court date. Participated actively in the preparation of opening statements, rebuttal evidence, cross-examination, and closing arguments.
  • Achieved student training and clerking certificate at the intersection between law and finance; presented at a legal conference on current issues with respect to residential real estate transactions.
  • Co-authored three articles, presenting new perspectives that stimulated legal discussion all over the country.
  • Earned award for outstanding quality performance as a paralegal intern; designed an effective tracking system for litigation cases while in preparation for trial counsel.
  • Received outstanding quality award; made outstanding contributions to my company and office as a paralegal intern.

Paralegal Intern Resume Sample 14

  • Presented the partners’ cases to the legal staff for review and compliance with FHA and FDIC guidelines; contributed to the investigation of financial institutions for mortgage fraud.
  • Performed legal research and prepared opinions, briefs, memos, and other documents as necessary on behalf of attorneys in real estate acquisitions/re-financing, foreclosure proceedings, and loan modification.
  • Compiled statistics regarding foreclosure actions on titles into a database and provided them to investigators during Title Branch audits.
  • Conducted legal research pertaining to loan modifications under FHA guidelines; developed software programs to aid in tracking and processing mortgage modification applications.
  • Dealt with important legal issues during the foreclosure process.

Wrap Up

To be a paralegal intern you must have at least a high school diploma; most law firms require an associate’s degree and prefer that you be working toward your paralegal certification. Skills needed to be a paralegal intern are attention to detail, communication skills, excellent writing skills, research skills, investigative skills, computer proficiency, telephone etiquette, and time management skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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