15 Medical Assistant Cover Letters That Will Get Hired (NOW)

Are you are looking to write a cover letter for Medical Assistant jobs that will impress recruiters and get you noticed by hiring managers? You need one to apply for a job, but you don’t know what to say.

Cover letters are a necessary yet often overlooked aspect of the job application process. The cover letter, which accompanies your resume and is typically addressed to a specific company or recruiter, should be used to showcase why you are a perfect fit for the position and provide additional details that may not have been included in your resume. In addition to highlighting skills and experience from past jobs, cover letters can also include written testimonials from colleagues or clients.

Here are 15 amazing Medical Assistant cover letters that are professionally written and will help you stand out and get that job!

Medical Assistant Cover Letters

Each cover letter is written with a different focus. Review all of them and pick the ones that apply to your situation. Take inspiration from multiple samples and combine them to craft your unique cover letter.

Medical Assistant Sample 1

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a Medical Assistant with over ten years of experience in the field. I’ve worked for both large and small medical offices and have extensive experience in handling administrative duties, patient care, and office management. I’m confident that my skills will make me an asset to your company. Please review my enclosed resume for more information on my qualifications.


Medical Assistant Sample 2

Dear Mr. Henley,
I am writing to inquire about the position of Medical Assistant at your company. The Medical Assistant position would allow me to utilize my skills, experience, and knowledge to provide excellent service for patients seeking care at your office. I am a motivated team player who is able to communicate effectively within a professional environment. I believe that I will be an asset to your organization because of my skills and abilities as a self-starter with excellent time management skills.

Sincerely, ______________________________

Medical Assistant Sample 3

Dear Mrs. __________, I am writing to apply for the position of Medical Assistant at your _____________________ branch. My skills and experience make me a strong candidate for this position. I would like to meet with you and discuss my qualifications in more detail ___________________ date ______________________________ time. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, _________

Medical Assistant Sample 4

A Medical Assistant is a professional member of the health care team, providing patient care in a hospital or other medical setting. From pre-treatment to discharge, our Medical Assistants are responsible for assisting physicians with examination, diagnosis and treatment of patients. They also prepare patients for examinations or treatments and perform administrative tasks to ensure that the hospital runs smoothly.

I am writing in response to your advertisement for a Medical Assistant at XYZ Hospital. I have over 5 years of experience working as a Medical Assistant in various hospitals and clinics across the country. I am familiar with all facets of my duties including scheduling appointments with physicians, preparing patients for examination and treatments, performing Central Line insertions and dressing changes on wounds.

Medical Assistant Sample 5

I am writing to express my interest in the Medical Assistant position at _____. I am tough, resourceful, and reliable. I work well with others and have excellent customer service skills. My education is _____ degrees from ____ College. Please contact me at ____ for more information or for an interview. Thank you ____ Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Medical Assistant Sample 6

I would like to apply for the Medical Assistant position. I am a hardworking individual with AAS-certification and prior experience as a Medical Assistant. I am confident that my previous experience would help me immensely in this position.

Medical Assistant Sample 7

I’m writing to express my interest in the Medical Assistant position. I graduated with a degree in Health Sciences and am currently enrolled at the University of Texas’s Health Science Center at Houston, where I am pursuing my medical assistant certification. My knowledge base has given me an excellent understanding of how to support physicians and patients with their health care needs, as well as administrative tasks necessary for the smooth operation of a clinic or hospital. My work history includes administrative internships at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston, TX and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, TN where I learned how to manage appointments, backups for front desk staff when needed, create follow-up cards for laboratory results during busy times including holidays.

Medical Assistant Sample 8

Hi, my name is _____ and I am interested in the Medical Assistant position. I have 5+ years of experience in the medical field, specifically with assisting physicians with patient care for lengthy periods of time. I am diligent, responsible, efficient and passionate about supporting others through health challenges. Please take a look at my resume for more information on my qualifications.

Medical Assistant Sample 9

I am a medical assistant with experience in administrative and clinical office settings. I have excellent organizational, interpersonal, and computer skills along with a keen eye for detail. I am passionate about my work and know that this is a profession where I can excel. My availability is flexible as well as my willingness to support your team on days off of work. Please contact me at ************@******* if you are interested in interviewing me about the position of Medical Assistant.

Medical Assistant Sample 10

I would love the opportunity to be considered as a candidate for the Medical Assistant position. I have been working as a receptionist in a doctor’s office for over ten years and have been an administrative assistant for the last three years. The duties I am most qualified to perform are completing patient information forms, scheduling appointments, handling billing, and taking messages.

Medical Assistant Sample 11

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to express my interest in the Medical Assistant position that is currently open at your organization. I have experience as a Medical Assistant for over six years and feel that I would be an excellent fit for this role. My skills include scheduling appointments, taking vital signs, dressing wounds, serving as liaison between patients and providers, completing administrative duties, assisting with surgeries and much more.
Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss my qualifications in greater detail. Thank you for considering me for this opportunity.

Medical Assistant Sample 12

Dear Human Resources Director,
I would like to apply for the Medical Assistant position. I am a graduate of University with my Associate’s degree in Medical Assistance. I am confident that my skills and experience would be an asset to you and your company’s needs.
My 5 years of experience working in medical facilities has given me the knowledge needed to perform administrative tasks efficiently, accurately, and quickly; schedule patients; organize patient files; manage inventory of supplies; assist with patient registration procedures; order lab supplies, x-rays, diagnostic tests and other items required in the diagnosis process. I am also confident that my customer service skills will be beneficial for this position as well.
To consider my application please contact.

Medical Assistant Sample 13

Dear ____,

Thank you for your time and consideration of my application. I am a responsible and determined individual who is interested in learning more about the Medical Assistant position. My prior experience as a Medical Receptionist allows me to offer administrative assistance and customer service skills. I am committed to providing excellent customer service in order to maintain good rapport with our patients and staff members. Thank you for taking the time to review my qualifications, and if you have any questions please contact me at _____ . I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Medical Assistant Sample 14

Dear Hiring Manager, I’m a skilled Medical Assistant with 8 years of experience. My passion for the medical field is what drove me to pursue this career and I believe it will motivate me as a team player in any workplace that I am employed in. In addition, as a Medical Assistant, knowing how to work as a team is important and being able to communicate effectively would ensure that patients are always given the best care possible. Your esteemed company seems like it would be an excellent place for me so if you have any available positions please contact me at (111) 111-1111 or email at [email protected] Thank you for your consideration!

Sincerely, ____________________

Medical Assistant Sample 15

Dear _____,
Your search is over. I’m the perfect candidate for the Medical Assistant position you have available. I have a strong background of customer service skills that are needed in this position. I am also very detail oriented and have experience with organizing paperwork. My attention to detail has been praised by my peers and supervisors alike. Thank you for your time reading this letter, I hope to hear from you soon!

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