Agile Project Manager Resume Sample

Agile Project Managers ensure that projects are moving along as planned and within the pre-determined budget to complete. They work with customers, managers, and other associates to meet deadlines and resolve any technical issues that may arise. The top skills for this position are customer service, problem-solving, communication, service management, project planning, documentation management, and client relations. Project management certification is recommended, but leadership skills can be helpful in this position. The most important educational requirement for this position is a bachelor’s degree.

The Best Agile Project Manager Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Agile resumes for your reference.

Agile Project Manager

  • Implementation of IT solutions and IT infrastructure via well managed planning, co-ordination and reporting structure through Agile Project management methodology.
  • Co-ordinated with multi-functional, cross matrix teams (Infrastructure, application, Security, Database) , analyst and business liaison to manage the project.
  • Developed Incident management for business continuity and day 2 support model.

Agile Project manager

  • Coordinate Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, and all other Scrum events (Product Backlog Refinement, Sprint review/Demo and Sprint Retrospective).
  • Participate in Back log grooming/Planning, Sprint planning, Scrum, and Retrospective meetings.
  • Create project/program plans, track progress, executive communication and mange business stakeholder expectations.
  • Provide resource management oversight, including planning and forecasting, location strategy, workforce optimization, and reporting.

Agile Project manager

  • Understand Business context for the project and identify all stakeholders on the project/build personal relationships.
  • Understand the possibly conflicting priorities of the various stakeholders on the project.
  • Preparing periodical project reports, conducting project kick-off meeting with the project stake holders, participating in senior management calls and providing project updates on status & Issues.

Agile Project manager

  • Manage a team of five developers and the software development life cycle for an internal web application.
  • Create user stories based on the requirements gathered from stakeholders ranging from manufacturing technicians up to company vice-presidents.
  • Manage the application’s backlog by adding, removing, prioritizing and breaking down user stories.

Agile Project manager

  • Used Agile methodology; worked closely with product owner, stakeholders, development and testing teams; coordinated scrum.
  • Foster and coach the team for adoption of Agile tools and practices, and establish/track productivity and efficiency metrics.
  • Ensure high throughput of the Scrum team by identifying, preventing, and eliminating potential issues and roadblocks.
  • Brought visibility into progress by maintaining burn-down charts, velocity analysis, defect prevention and other reports as needed.

Agile Project manager

  • Oversee and Work with Data Architects to design new data models including source to target mappings, schemas relationships etc.
  • Implement and maintain new/existing dimensions & reference data in the form of Hierarchies for rollup reporting.
  • Perform financial period’s closure activities including version freeze to finalize the dimension related changes.
  • Engage business and IT stakeholders to understand the hierarchical changes and prepare plan to implement those.

Agile Project manager

  • Collaborate in sprint and release planning, explained the benefits of Scrum methodologies to the team and empowered them to be self-organized.
  • Coordinate for sizing estimates for projects across all yearly releases and timesheet coordination for the entire team including client resources.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures throughout the software development life cycle.

Agile Project manager

  • Work with senior stakeholders to ensure that projects are delivering the desired business benefits.
  • Lead project execution, resource deployment, and coordination of efforts within multiple projects to ensure the projects are successfully completed.
  • Provide technical leadership, architectural governance, technical expertise, direction and support to Software Engineers, programs, project teams and capability networks.

Agile Project manager

  • Developed project plans, specifying goals, strategy, scheduling, contingency plans to meet established project plans.
  • Setting clear expectations planned and tracked and gap analysis, timeline, staffing requirements, job roles, workflow efficiency, milestones and budgets.
  • Ensured defect-free releases through project planning, risk management, requirement gathering, acceptance testing, employee evaluations and change management throughout project life cycle.
  • Defined and executed project scope, governance, roles and responsibilities, communication and change management plans.

Agile Project manager

  • Coordinated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery overhaul project to reduce the downtime experience from past IT outages that have led to business interruption.
  • Reduced recovery time ability from 48 hours down to 4 hours by implementing Send Word Now Emergency Notification Tool, Quarterly Readiness Review Process, implementing additional offsite backups and updating BC/DR process documentation.
  • Managed a Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 migration project for over 4,000 users that has provided well over $100,000 in yearly savings for Sirius Computer Solutions.

Agile Project manager

  • Began leading an agile transformation and introducing the scrum framework.
  • Introduced Product and Design to user stories and how to utilize them to build an effective product backlog.
  • Began working with the teams to start understanding the value of agile software development.

Agile Project manager

  • Continuously help the team improve their process and way of thinking during project delivery.
  • Create timelines & project release plans so everyone understands the overall goals.
  • Manage risk & divert disaster; no one likes things to go wrong.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders on progress; everyone wants to be informed & involved.

How to Become a Successful Agile Project Manager?

While there are no official degree requirements, a program in business or finance will always be useful for this position. There are also a growing number of certificate programs that will give you the specific skills you require in addition to being quicker and less costly than a college degree.

Once you are hired you will work in a large and very coordinated team where there is less of a hierarchy than one might be accustomed to in an office. That is because the goal of agile development is collaboration on all levels instead of taking orders to ensure that everyone can move quickly for the market.

You will need to work well under pressure because deadlines are fast and constant. This will be made easier if you are neat and focused so you don’t end up losing details or valuable time to distractions, as these critical instances can make or break the project you are working on for the company.

Being a good team player who does your fair share and never comes off as too bossy will help you greatly in this very collaborative field. Clients will also want someone who is nice and has good customer service skills, as they will always prefer to do business with someone who is pleasant and polite.

Wrap Up

In today’s increasingly high tech world, companies need guidance on the best way to develop and market their products in a market that often seems to change faster than most can handle. An agile project manager steps in to develop products quickly and in very short-term bursts to satisfy immediate client needs before the market can change too much.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

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