Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample

A Business Analyst Intern works to learn the job of analyzing company accounting functions. Duties include shadowing the company business analyst, learning how to build accounting processes, learning commissions, helping build pricing systems, learning customer service, learning how to communicate effectively, and learning standard operating procedures.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Business Analyst Intern Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Business Analyst Intern resumes for your reference.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 1

  • Identified and proposed process improvements for the hiring process resulting in an estimated savings of $5,000 per recruiter.
  • Provided accurate analysis on how to optimize customer experience for a call center site that led to improved metrics across key performance indicators (KPIs) and increased revenue.
  • Developed complex business cases and financial models related to new product development, resulting in a clear road map for execution at market launch.
  • Crafted results-driven solution sets with high degrees of accuracy; Distinguished myself as a trusted advisor by the CEO and CFO through my proficiency in delivering value based on analytics driven insights.
  • Performed extensive review work on credit scorecards including revising assumptions, data quality checks, and ensuring all models are in compliance with internal controls.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 2

  • Provided direction and support throughout the requirements gathering process.
  • Monitored progress of applications development projects, identified concerns and escalated as appropriate to management.
  • Created documentation related to the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for project proposals and conducted meetings with business partners regarding application construction.
  • Determined feasibility of potential programs/systems by performing comprehensive gap analysis against defined standards and procedures; presented findings.
  • Prepared status reports and presentations on various projects, analyzed data to identify trends and recommend actions based on gathered information.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 3

  • Researched and analyzed telecommunications company data including customer service complaints, marketing reports, and policy compliance.
  • Performed analysis of product needs and prepared proposal to recommend new services for next generation of wireless devices.
  • Collaborated with team of experts to develop strategic plan to increase market share within foreign markets.
  • Identified waste reduction opportunities which saved more than $300,000 annually in oversea’s payments processing department.
  • Presented findings before executives of telecom company; gained insight into business-level thinking and planning.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 4

  • Developed, organized, and analyzed sales data to create a sales forecasting model.
  • Gathered information from several departments within the Company to complete a market analysis on the Company’s greatest competitor.
  • Assisted in redesigning an analytical report for a diverse group of global customers that they could apply to their own work environment.
  • Identified significant business trends by researching and evaluating pertinent facts from year-to-year company history books, stock prices, balance sheets, and annual reports.
  • Joined a team of innovative and talented professionals to create a new business model that would increase the company’s revenue by $100M.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 5

  • Completed all work independently with minimal supervision; requested by manager for assistance on several other projects.
  • Increased data accuracy and efficiency rate of 1,000 records per hour to over 1,800 records per hour.
  • Identified errors in calculation of HVAC use cost resulting in significant savings; recognized by company co-workers as one that gets things done at lightning speeds.
  • Identified opportunities for process improvement through root cause analysis including budgeting concerns, customer complaints, etc.; recommended solutions ultimately adopted company-wide.
  • Analyzed business processes resulting in increased profits via $10 million savings across three companies; earned full tuition scholarship to pursue MBA degree.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 6

  • Performed data analysis and made recommendations on modifications to business processes.
  • Designed and implemented a new user-friendly administrative system that has reduced information management time by 25%.
  • Enhanced customer service and increased productivity of servicing personnel with the development of processing guidelines for change orders.
  • Implemented guidelines to monitor movement of gas through pipelines via computer system; contributed over 3,000 hours during seven months towards company revenue goal.
  • Developed databases to monitor Company’s performance across departments, monitored current competitors against ideal competitors, met daily metrics, and presented research within the department weekly.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 7

  • Delivered solutions for enterprise-wide business process reengineering/automation in accordance with client needs and organization vision.
  • Identified areas of improvement by evaluating tools, processes, and procedures; provided recommendations to enhance workflow efficiency.
  • Researched data regarding client business systems; prepared documentation on system specifications.
  • Collaborated with management team to identify corrective actions to develop plans that improve the efficiency of existing operations.
  • Initiated process improvement functions across interrelated groups within organization through project activities.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 8

  • Established new systems of gathering, recording, and analyzing data.
  • Aided in designing research proposals by developing questionnaire samples, constructing search strategies for locating relevant information, performing basic statistical analyses of sets of data, synthesizing results into reports presenting key findings.
  • Enhanced the Company’s ability to collect relevant market intelligence due to ability to identify trends that can be used to develop marketing plans.
  • Improved business process efficiency within the organization through development of efficient charting procedures which reduced overall operational costs.
  • During my tenure at ACME Corp., ACME Corp.’s goodwill increased by 70% during a period when duplicity was rampant in an industry plagued with fraudulent activity; recognized by the President of the Company for outstanding performance, receiving a full year’s salary bonus.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 9

  • Implemented new network security policies by analyzing operating system resource usage trends.
  • Supported the testing of application functionality to ensure timely delivery for planned release milestones.
  • Established information sources through collaboration with project stakeholders for development of high-level design documentation.
  • Displayed exceptional communication, presentation, and leadership skills during cross-functional meetings to discuss project status across functional areas.
  • Successfully developed technical specifications after completing comprehensive business systems analysis interviews with senior executives.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 10

  • Analyzed firm’s capital requirements forecast in order to determine required return on investment for business development.
  • Conducted viable analysis of market competition to provide data that would lead to new competitive business strategies.
  • Revised existing process map, improved efficiency by 6% through establishing ClearQuest account management procedures.
  • Researched emerging technologies, identified top three players in the industry, and submitted report to senior management team.
  • Entered data into web based iBase system; decreased time locating company records from 15 minutes down to one minute per record while increasing accuracy nearly 2%.

Business Analyst Intern Resume Sample 11

  • Made a presentation to executives regarding the state of business process integration, and how it pertained to product management.
  • Identified a gap in a program for underwriters resulting in an additional $4 million in first year premiums.
  • Affected purchase decisions by using data analysis to provide senior management with information that helped them decide whether or not to proceed on a proposed project.
  • Researched technical issues related to target operating system configurations as part of the Program office’s continuing effort to ensure new software met minimum standards.
  • Created analytic marketing collateral including web pages and customer fact sheets on top-selling health care products from domestic and international markets.

Wrap Up

A bachelor’s degree in a business field is required, plus 3+ years of experience. Skills needed to be an intern are a genuine desire to learn, excellent accounting skills, familiarity with standard financial reports, good time-management skills, attention to detail, ability to multi-task, strong communication skills, and ability to find errors in accounting procedures.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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