Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample

A senior interior designer works in the interior design industry. Duties include managing projects from small to large, coordinating with architects, creating specifications of interior furnishings, systems, meeting with customers, leading the interior design team, monitoring the budget, and assigning tasks.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Senior Interior Designer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Senior Interior Designer resumes for your reference.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 1

  • Developed designs for over $100 million in new construction projects.
  • Accomplished design goals by providing creative concepts, color schemes, and floor plans to interior designers.
  • Improved space efficiencies through advanced lighting techniques, furniture layouts, and room dividers.
  • Decreased client conflicts about preferred styles through sensitive interpretation of design requests.
  • Assisted with lease negotiations for retail outlets maximizing client’s revenue potentials.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 2

  • Aided in the planning, designing, coordinating, and overseeing of some $15 million worth of construction projects at the company.
  • Pioneered new design concepts by experimenting with bolder combinations of fabrics, textures, patterns and colors as well as unique furniture designs such as “The Beach.”
  • Demonstrated superior creativity and originality through the design and fabrication of a wall sculpture for one project including complex aluminum bends and formed sections.
  • Thrived under pressure to meet deadlines during final stages of the production process while maintaining quality control standards.
  • Facilitated an efficient workflow by expediting communication between all parties involved throughout the entire course of each work day.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 3

  • Managed a team of two interior designers and a CAD technician in order to meet deadlines, resolve schedule conflicts, communicate priorities, and maintain proper inventory levels.
  • Adept at instructing the design process from initial floor plans to final drawings that reflect client’s vision within budgetary constraints.
  • Fluent in AutoCAD and Microsoft Office applications; upgraded office hardware and software when needed.
  • Created a custom mural for a 10 x 20 foot ceiling wall in record time after learning mural production techniques in an art studio in Madrid, Spain.
  • Presented preliminary designs to project managers in preparation for presentation meetings with clients based on research in preliminary client meetings/interviews.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 4

  • Provided creative direction to junior designers in the creation of new design, space plans, and rendering for interior design projects.
  • Collaborated with other designers on several award-winning projects including one national award project, two regional awards projects, and two state awards projects.
  • Developed innovative concepts by sourcing new products from various trade shows. Created showroom displays to highlight product line offerings.
  • Oversaw installation of furniture into homes where items were purchased at local retailers or production facilities.
  • Conceptualized a completely new idea for home organization systems; developed sketches and rendered images with computer software; recommended purchase to upper management; now under development as prototype designed specifically for market testing phase.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 5

  • Addressed the needs of customers by providing innovative, cost-effective design solutions.
  • Effectively collaborated with other departments to ensure design concepts met client needs and business goals.
  • Collaborated with other interior designers to complete designs for several retail stores, corporate offices, medical centers, residential buildings, and hotel rooms across multiple cities.
  • Established myself as a team player through effective communication regarding budget constraints and design changes.
  • Enriched lives of others by leading an international effort to create sustainable housing in developing countries.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 6

  • Utilized CAD and other design software to produce furniture layouts, elevations, sections, rendering, and perspectives.
  • Ensured the work of designers and drafting technicians through inspecting all details of documentation during construction.
  • Created unique designs for clients based on their requirements and reflect high standards of workmanship in completed product.
  • Managed a team of three interior designers; ensured that company standards were met or exceeded for planning, budgeting projects, costs estimation, scheduling production orders.
  • Replaced company’s entire line of office furniture with modern innovative designs.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 7

  • Prepared thirty-five room layouts in two weeks to accommodate new furniture arrangements in existing high-end apartment building.
  • Contributed design ideas after interviewing clients and site visits for an upscale land development project totaling one million square feet and $300 million of buildable space.
  • Created replicated scenic effects using paint and textiles for a disco themed nightclub; recognized by the Senior Designer as one of his best works.
  • Secured $165,000 commission for design services from a single client after expansion plans were approved.
  • Collaborated with other designers on four projects that earned recognition from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Worked closely with clients with open communication skills to ensure client satisfaction and completed projects on time.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 8

  • Spearheaded the design and development of an on-line catalog for a major retailer.
  • Collaborated with corporate team members to develop budget, cost reduction ideas, and project tracking systems.
  • Led the redesign of a new luxury home imitation line, including furniture finishes and custom applications.
  • Developed over 30 original designs which were constructed from CAD drawings.
  • Educated customers regarding the proper use and installation of decorative hardware; contributed to positive sales results through personalized customer service.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 9

  • Awarded with the 2010 “Best of Houzz” award for decorating.
  • Ranked as designer to follow by House Beautiful’s 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards.
  • Recognized as a top 1% Houzz contributor worldwide.
  • Authored three books on color, design and decorative painting techniques; sold over 200,000 copies through major retailers such as Barnes & Noble and
  • Delivered innovative solutions for clients that ranged from countries, islands, nations and was recognized among an elite group of designers who redefined themed interior design.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 10

  • Contributed to business development by designing and producing marketing programs, direct mail campaigns & budgets for various clients.
  • Managed the design of 20+ homes in upscale golf course communities.
  • Assembled a four-person team who completed more than $4 million in home renovations within tight deadlines; recognized for efficiency and professionalism.
  • Led the collaboration process between interior designers, architects, project managers, homeowners, contractors, & professionals to ensure outstanding final results.
  • Trained others in decorating techniques while giving seminars at national trade shows on interior trends in popular areas of interest.

Senior Interior Designer Resume Sample 11

  • Trained 15 junior designers in the principles of design and presentation, including creative problem-solving.
  • Painted an approximately 1000 square foot mural for a restaurant in New York City’s East Village; received media coverage on NBC’s “Today Show.”
  • Completed four projects within deadline; recognized by senior management team for outstanding performance.
  • Developed innovative designs that took into account customer needs, increased company sales volume by 4%, and opened new market opportunity.
  • Launched international art exhibit to promote original paintings, sculptures, woodworkings, limited edition prints, apparel/jewelry/accessories lines.

Wrap Up

Education requirements include a high school diploma or GED and certification in Interior Designer, additional interior design experience is preferred. Skills to succeed include the ability to read blueprints, knowledge of business forms, proficiency with basic office software, basic math, detail-oriented, organized, positive customer service, good telephone etiquette, excellent verbal and written communication.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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