Safety Technician Resume Sample

A Safety Technician is responsible for the overall safety of a company. Their duties include holding safety meetings, documenting employee safety suggestions, planning safety projects, documenting all potential hazards, making sure personal protective equipment is available and used, and coaching employees to do things in a safe manner.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Safety Technician Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Safety Technician resumes for your reference.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 1

  • Assisted in identifying, assessing, and responding to hazards on job sites.
  • Identified potential hazards and communicated them to the appropriate parties along with the information available to determine what action should be taken, which sometimes took place at the site. Issued safety-related directives when situations at the site warranted it.
  • Provided assistance during emergency situations by performing tasks such as providing assistance with evacuations and firefighting equipment usage; provided information regarding driving directions and destination points.
  • Participated in bi-monthly safety meetings; represented and supported the company’s safety policies and procedures (OSHA).
  • As a member of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, ensured compliance with regulations pertaining to hazardous materials.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 2

  • Adhered to safety policies and procedures; constructed and maintained safe working conditions as advised by the safety manager.
  • Initiated a safety program at a new location to comply with OSHA standards; recognized for outstanding performance from the Corporate Safety Manager.
  • Recipient of the Safety Award for dedication and hard work in making the workplace safer. Received an award from the Safety Manager for exemplary work.
  • Achieved recognition as a safety supervisor for fulfilling all safety directives and ensuring that safety is a priority for all employees.
  • Participant of inter-departmental team-building exercises; received a commendation from the line manager for excellence in supervision and feedback of departmental work performance.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 3

  • Observed and maintained the safety program of a medical facility.
  • Trained individuals to perform their duties in a safe manner.
  • Established emergency procedures and evacuation plan in case of emergency.
  • Identified health hazards in the work environment, developed corrective action plans to eliminate them and implemented them.
  • Recommended changes to personnel to improve overall safety at the workplace.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 4

  • Recommend changes in industrial safety equipment based on investigations of industrial accidents.
  • Dubbed one of the best performing safety technicians by my supervisor. Received award for excellence in safety performance, demonstrated by earning the company’s highest rating possible during the past annual safety performance evaluation.  Received top rating in both skills and integrity categories on annual evaluation.
  • Cited for outstanding safety performance; earned award, presented by the Regional Director.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 5

  • Repaired fire extinguishers after occurring small fires.
  • Installed rotors, couplings, seals, gaskets, and brakes on required fleet equipment at a minimum of 30 days prior to scheduled maintenance.
  • Installed hard drives of Dell Computer Corporation computer systems.
  • Maintained equipment for security cameras outside of the prescribed time frame.
  • Met monthly quotas for maintenance on York Fire Department equipment; performed preventive upkeep of fire extinguishers; maintained same level of performance after promotion to department lead technician; participated in 2-week annual training course on multiple systems.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 6

  • Conducted safety inspections of ATVs, dirt bikes, and motorcycles to ensure that they were not unsafe or illegally modified for racing.
  • Performed a safety inspection of a powerboat diving into a marina, and found it to be unsafe for operation without a safety inspection.
  • Achieved award as the best Safety Technician in the department; performed well in areas of assisting others with daily tasks.
  • Supervised 14 employees; received an award as the best supervisor in the department. Collaborated with other supervisors to address customer complaints and substantiate complaints to appropriate parties on behalf of customers on behalf of the company.
  • Achieved award as the best Safety Technician in the department. Worked to ensure that safety concerns were met by other departments and safety procedures were properly conducted.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 7

  • Wrote Private Sector Safety Plan detailing best practices for safety, emergency procedures, and first aid.
  • Served as Traffic Safety Officer at work sites; helped reduce operating cost by reducing FINEs by 25%.
  • Received BRAVO Award for a writing plan that increased employee safety by 10%; participated in National Safety Council’s Peer Review Program.
  • Possible candidate for promotion to Supervisor of Safety after effectively streamlining the training process by developing an online eLearning System that saved time and money.
  • Named one of the top 5% of workers based on customer satisfaction survey results.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 8

  • Compiled and distributed safety statistics, ensuring proper training and compliance with OSHA guidelines.
  • Provided quality customer service to all customers and resolve concerns and complaints that may have developed into legal claims.
  • Evaluated employee grievances; established fairness for those who had been wronged, invalidating any discriminatory behaviors.
  • Resolved conflict between employees; ensured fair treatment to those who were mistakenly or unintentionally overlooked for employment.
  • Earned the respect of other departments as a liaison between management and employee; collaborated effectively to resolve issues that would not have otherwise been solved by either department separately.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 9

  • Participated in voluntary firefighting academy.
  • Reviewed procedures for performing safety/fire-related tasks prior to operation of equipment.
  • Served as a partner, firefighter, and mentor to younger firefighters during training exercises.
  • Assured the safe and effective use of fire suppression tools and performed periodic maintenance on firefighting equipment.
  • Administered training that prepared a new crew member for a grueling two-week tour at the top of a tall ladder company.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 10

  • Trained new employees in safety procedures according to government regulations; conducted safety inspections of all work stations; established & administered safety committees.
  • Successfully reduced accident rates by implementing improved safe work practices; encouraging participation in safety milestone awards program to improve accuracy and save the company thousands of dollars.
  • Received awards for exceptional job performance in the area of health & wellness.
  • Received outstanding quality award, while successfully establishing partnerships with key business partners to promote water conservation initiatives.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 11

  • Demonstrated a positive attitude and willingness to contribute to a team effort.
  • Effectively wrote tickets detailing reasons for the failure of equipment malfunction, the accuracy of impressions, and specifications of test results.
  • Effectively handled interpersonal relationships with co-workers and supervisors while maintaining a professional attitude towards all individuals on the job site.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 12

  • Initiated cell phone safety programs for the regional office’s protection department.
  • Managed a team of 3-4 employees performing scutwork for different departments.
  • Served as Quality Assurance Manager for over 50 employees, or an average of 15 employees per month.
  • Monitored areas for fire hazards, to ensure superior building management under OSHA guidelines.
  • Organized, delegated work efficiently in order to keep things running smoothly.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 13

  • Responded to a gas leak in a timely manner; identified the source of the leak, secured the area, and provided safety instructions to appropriate personnel.
  • Identified appropriate precautions or actions to take when working with hazardous chemicals.
  • Installed warning guard lines on forklifts in accordance with safe operating procedures.
  • Tested hazardous liquids for leakage by weight, poured into a container, and shook vigorously to test strength before pouring into another container.
  • Removed hazardous chemicals from a workstation location in accordance with established safety guidelines and proper handling procedures.

Safety Technician Resume Sample 14

  • Effectively diagnosed and repaired malfunctioning equipment for a major corporation.
  • Represented the plant at trade shows and conventions.
  • Participated in safety activities including training, participating in accident investigations, quality assurance, etc.
  • Became a certified safety officer through a multi-million dollar organization.
  • Completed the “Safe Worker” program which included an improved safety manual and improved work practices.

Wrap Up

A high school diploma is required for this position, but a bachelor’s degree is preferred; most companies prefer 5+ years of experience. Skills needed to be successful are leadership skills, management skills, supervisory skills, strong interpersonal skills, excellent computer skills, a good sense of responsibility, strong attention to detail and confidentiality skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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