Radio Intern Resume Sample

Radio interns are expected to assist radio show producers in creating radio content. They interact with listeners on the radio, engage with people on social media on various topics, travel with the team to event locations, participate in writing and editing the content generated for both on-air and online release, collaborate with the marketing team and perform clerical tasks.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Radio Intern Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Radio Intern resumes for your reference.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 1

  • Experienced various positions in radio broadcasting, including program director, music director, host of the morning show, and announcer.
  • Contributed story articles to local newspapers under byline during internship.
  • First-hand experience in television reporting through online video streaming news site.
  • Pitched original ideas for programming concepts to station manager; implemented “Name That Tune” game show during weekends within one month of pitching idea.
  • Authored station’s official website with HTML code and PHP scripting to bring station into 21st century broadcasting age.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 2

  • Organized, planned, and produced weekly college radio shows.
  • Developed news-gathering skills, taking direction from assignment editors to report local stories of interest that were featured on morning drive programming.
  • Wrote up-beat, detailed professional radio copy of entertainment event reviews appearing on air in time slots assigned by the Program Director.
  • Posted daily playlist information for two different radio stations on Facebook.
  • Prepared news packages of campus sports events for airing during promotional breaks at different times of the day/week.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 3

  • Promoted to on-air host after three months of interning in the music department.
  • Worked with producers and voiceover talent to develop, produce, and promote original commercials.
  • Pioneered live, call-in shows for listeners who needed confidential advice from mental health professionals.
  • Achieved high ratings during my tenure by optimizing online search engine results through blogging via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Developed insightful editorial pieces regarding business issues such as copyright infringement and streaming services for broadcast over-the-airwaves.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 4

  • Fired up the audience by playing popular hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today.
  • Edited audio clips of the most memorable moments in sports history.
  • Introduced, produced, wrote, and hosted 6 radio broadcasts for 6 different shows per week.
  • Promoted all station events by creating vibrant social media content.
  • Was part of an amazing team that earned a national award for best morning show under 35 years old.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 5

  • Worked as a marketing intern during the summer between high school and college.
  • Promoted through the ranks to Assistant Program Director of Sales and on-air host/DJ.
  • Selected as intern for a paid, six-week internship with a radio show in New York City; assisted in producing shows, writing scripts, gathering interviews, and booking guests.
  • Recruited by a large market radio station to be an outside sales representative after my graduation from college.
  • Searched for talent at open mic nights and hosted weekly talent showcases that led to gaining hundreds of new listeners from around the world via podcast.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 6

  • Upheld the motto “Always stay on message” by promptly updating station’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages with accurate game scores.
  • Gained first-hand experience of all aspects of media operations (pre-production to post-production) through active participation in news, sports, and morning shows.
  • Drafted approximately 100 lines of copy per night; designed headlines including multiple keywords for search engine optimization.
  • Achieved audience growth of 40% within 3 months through targeted ad placements on blog networks.
  • Received commendation from President of network for timeliness and accuracy of sports reporting; prompted by an increase of 25% in site traffic following report.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 7

  • Successfully produced two radio segments for interviewing local professionals in both English and Spanish.
  • Re-wrote, organized, and uploaded four articles to the stations website after receiving approval from the Station Manager.
  • Captured exclusive video footage of Mayor Jones describing his views on “healthy living” during a 5K run; aired nationally on CBS Morning News (video linked).
  • Assisted with major promotion campaigns including organizing an interactive game for social networking site Facebook via station’s fan page.
  • Effectively maintained high standards of professionalism throughout internship by completing all assigned tasks within deadline without supervision.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 8

  • Assisted with planning and coordinating several on-air fundraising events.
  • Wrote news stories, press releases, and promotional materials for the station’s website.
  • Wrote program schedules and assisted with the promotion of station.
  • Acted as Promotions Director during one of the most successful pledge weeks in the history of the radio station; recognized for my contribution by winning an award at ceremonies.
  • Became proficient in Adobe Creative Suite after realizing six videos within 5 months time including live video streaming capabilities via Ustream Pro Video Broadcasting system.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 9

  • Recognized for on-air hosting skills and abilities to engage callers.
  • Innovated new programming concepts; managed over 15,000 song library with music scheduling software at .
  • Presented live shows promoting awareness of sexual assault prevention during National Sexual Assault Prevention Month (April 2009); organized discussion panels with guest speakers to increase understanding of rape culture, rape myths, and empowerment of survivors; conducted informative interviews with local law enforcement agencies about resources available for survivors of sexual assault.
  • Recognized by the Associated Press as an “Outstanding Young Journalist.”
  • Received KVET’s Annual Scholarship Award for demonstrating exceptional on-air presence and potential as an active college student.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 10

  • Assisted on-air personalities with guest scheduling, on-air program promotion, and contest details.
  • Set up on-air interviews via phone and internet by conducting research to obtain show topics, participants’ biographies, and questions for hosts.
  • Aided in the preparation of program logs featuring station events and activities including upcoming promotions.
  • Organized station’s monthly book drive/auction to benefit public school libraries; raised $400+ through sale of donated books.
  • Contributed greatly to the success of “Miracle League” event; organized promotional activities that brought in more than $15,000 locally for National Miracle League (NML).

Radio Intern Resume Sample 11

  • Business intern with popular radio station; responsible for all daily tasks, including logistics and operations.
  • Coordinated promotional events with local businesses and venues in efforts to gain free advertising and publicize the station and broadcasted live from these events.
  • Actively researched and monitored emerging media technologies.
  • Planned weekly programming schedule in conjunction with program director; assigned air shifts, created routings, scheduled talent/voice tracking, etcetera.
  • Promoted new shows by coordinating promotions such as giveaways or contests, writing press releases for station website and publications, appearing on-air during the show’s first broadcast to introduce it to listeners, etcetera.

Radio Intern Resume Sample 12

  • Responsible for reviewing and editing articles submitted by website users.
  • Assessed listener demand for music, news, and sports; made appropriate program changes to maintain high ratings.
  • Assisted DJs with scheduling and conducting interviews; helped organize promotional giveaways and contests.
  • Recognized as a team leader among other interns after organizing website-wide Halloween event.
  • Wrote blogs related on pop culture topics on local music scene, entertainment events, politics, athletes, etc. for station website.

Wrap Up

Qualified radio interns need a high school diploma, valid driving license, completion (or pursuit of) an undergraduate degree in a broadcasting-related course. Necessary skills include excellent communication skills, positive attitude, flexibility, creativity, good listening, self-motivation and willingness to work in a team.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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