Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample

An Outbound Customer Service Representative assists the established clientele of a company. Their duties include resolving customer inquiries related to their account, verifying and processing payments, maintaining a database of customer information, preparing and delivering documentation to team members, and building strong relationships with existing customers.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Outbound Customer Service Representative resumes for your reference.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 1

  • Resolved telephone issues, performed voice mail for approximately 1,000 calls per week.
  • Recognized for superior performance by the call monitoring team after finding an employee to be non-responsive to customer inquiries.
  • Awarded for excellent performance by the call monitoring team due to exceptional ability in handling multiple open issues without complaint.
  • Received commendation from supervisors for outstanding service through continued free phone support of customers who called about banking services.
  • Recognized as an outstanding performer by the Regional Manager’s team after consistently meeting performance goals while providing exceptional customer service.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 2

  • Maintained 100% customer satisfaction rating, over 250 work hours per week, for customer service representatives.
  • Handled over 750 open inquiries per week, exceeding call volume by 85%.
  • Stood up to pressure and handled high stress situations with composure.
  • Recognized as the top performer in Quality for outbound Customer Service Representative.
  • Awarded outstanding performance for Outbound Customer Service during the first quarter of the year; exceeded expectations, ensuring better service to customers.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 3

  • Improved communication with customers through listening for cues for communication, professionalism, and common sense.
  • Developed communications skills to effectively engage customers in the process by sharing truth with communication, honesty, and integrity.
  • Demonstrated communication with peers and supervisors to accept constructive criticism with openness, tolerance, and respect; responding to questions easily; verbally advocating confidence; demonstrating self-confidence.
  • Demonstrated responsibility to the organization by completing projects for team members; addressing customer problems directly; adjusting work schedules as required.
  • Demonstrated effective leadership by accepting accountability of others assignments.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 4

  • Obtained in-depth knowledge of company product offerings in order to plan and present successful sales campaigns.
  • Trained new employees in systematic solutions to consumer problems.
  • Expanded existing relationships between company and clients by providing quick response, accurate answers, and easy-to-understand solutions.
  • Assisted internal customers in daily requests regarding company products, services, and internal contact numbers.
  • Helped many customers achieve outstanding results when their expectations were exceeded with the tactics I developed for them (i.e., use of free trial offer).

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 5

  • Made phone calls over the phone to help customers resolve problems with their credit card accounts.
  • Served as a liaison between a local hardware store and a customer who was on a trip to Africa for an extended period of time.
  • Helped a widow make funeral arrangements for her deceased husband, by process of elimination on the name of the deceased from an obituary.
  • Overhauled customer satisfaction record as a result of single-handedly resolving three different kinds of problems that resulted from no fax machine at the location.
  • Served as an interpreter during many meetings with foreign exchange brokers, travel agencies, and airline representatives on behalf of clients from abroad.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 6

  • Maintained high level of customer satisfaction through the handling of multiple problems that arise after hours, weekends, and holidays.
  • Achieved annual sales record for vendor by remaining patient and persistent in obtaining needed information; attained annual sales record for customer by remaining patient and persistent in obtaining needed information.
  • Proven proficient with Microsoft Office (Excel and PowerPoint) and accounting software (QuickBooks) through application development and research.
  • Received award as account executive; instrumental in closing accounts that exceed expectations due to her professional skills.
  • Developed relationships with customers to create repeat business as a result of her ability to handle any type of customer situation.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 7

  • Returned phone calls, emails, and/or faxes within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Provided excellent customer service to all who called for information.
  • Resolved complaints in a pleasing manner with the highest degree of satisfaction afforded to clients.
  • Ensured that all client needs were met in a timely manner.
  • Skilled/resourceful in communicating information with verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 8

  • Successfully collected and tracked results regarding open and closed cases.
  • Maintained professionalism by identifying complex problems and assisting customers with solutions.
  • Validated the company’s policies, procedures, and processes through analysis of numerous cases.
  • Analyzed customer data to improve knowledge of business practices for the future.
  • Relied on good judgement in all decision-making situations by seeking information from other departments and making appropriate adjustments to get results.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 9

  • Adhered to Company policies and procedures by ensuring regular contact with customers.
  • Achieved sales growth exceeding previous record by establishing and maintaining regular contact with new and long-standing customers.
  • Provided superior customer service through process of maintaining open communication lines with customers, establishing rapport, and building relationships.
  • Received recognition award for promoting positive customer response and retention rates through exceptional personal interest and selling techniques.
  • Founded Customer Loyalty Club; encouraged members to renew policies by providing gifts.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 10

  • Successfully achieved highest volume of sales for the month; recognized by my Regional Manager with a $50 cash award.
  • Recognized by management and customers for providing excellent service and making high volume of sales.
  • Secured highest number of new customers; identified opportunities for changes in our company’s business strategy.
  • Represented the company by meeting with customers at their businesses to provide information about services and solutions that help them grow their businesses.
  • Increased my knowledge and performance skills in outbound customer service during annual training in Phoenix, Arizona; visited with regional managers from other cities in the southwest region to familiarize myself with their companies’ respective products and services.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 11

  • Answered incoming calls, transferred calls to appropriate departments, and satisfied customer inquiries on technical support.
  • Disseminated information about new products and promotions to callers by utilizing company database.
  • Recorded all calls for accuracy by utilizing digital recorder; updated records with required information, including caller responses to promotional advertisements.
  • Provided coaching sessions to less experienced employees in order to improve quality of customer service given by the company.
  • Trained new hires in basic operational procedures of phone systems and procedures; presented short courses in effective telephone communication skills.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 12

  • Distributed and wrote hundreds of thank-you letters for referrals and product launch campaigns.
  • Handled customer calls and phone calls from clients, agents, and organization staff.
  • Greeted clients by name and recounting details of their previous conversations with the agency.
  • Credentialed as a professional courtesy writer.
  • Constructed customer files from various sources to keep large client records organized for referral purposes.

Outbound Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 13

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