Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample

Medical lab technicians work with medical technologists to carry out tests for diagnosis purposes. Their duties include preparing samples for analysis, monitoring tests, using equipment to locate microorganisms, analyzing chemical content of fluid samples and carrying out tests for drug levels in blood sample.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Medical Lab Tech Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Medical Lab Tech resumes for your reference.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 1

  • Evaluated patient reactions to chemotherapeutic agents through testing blood, urine, stool, and tissue samples.
  • Completed testing procedures for HIV patients; conducted tests on newborns with phenylketonuria.
  • Examined results of 2-4 hour long diagnostic testing processes for Cancer patients; ordered additional testing when needed based on assessment of test results.
  • Collected specimens from body cavities, veins, arteries for Bacterial Meningitis diagnosis.
  • Prepared cytology slides after doctors removed cellular material using scalpel or lasers during biopsies or due to cancers in various locations of the body; prepared histologic slides of bone marrow aspiration cells after doctors removed bone marrow material with needles.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 2

  • Prepared and examined clinical specimens for culture, sensitivity, and other special studies to aid in diagnosis and treatment of disease.
  • Preserved blood samples for over a year after expiration date; discovered potential savings of $500 per week by ordering supplies ahead of need.
  • Exceeded productivity expectations for two consecutive years; recognized as top employee at company-wide award ceremony.
  • Fostered safety during training sessions on proper use of safety equipment to decrease risk of contamination or mishandling.
  • Issued new employee handbook describing protocols and procedures to maximize safety while performing job duties.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 3

  • Performed all laboratory tests, including urinalysis, urine cultures, antibody screening for infectious diseases, coagulation studies and blood typing.
  • Competently administered vaccines to patients according to guidelines relating to dosage frequency, age groups and health conditions.
  • Responded directly to patient calls regarding medical laboratory services; provided assistance via telephone or in person as needed.
  • Actively participated in improving hospital computer systems with an excellent track record of overcoming obstacles and achieving objectives during four months of transition from one software program to another.
  • Identified potentials for growth within the hospital by coordinating new procedures regarding ordering supplies and identifying ways to maximize resources available.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 4

  • Used skills to conduct blood tests, analyze laboratory results, and draw blood for transfusions.
  • Tested diagnostic tests on patients; analyzed reports for accuracy.
  • Monitored quality control of testing process; used procedures to prevent lab errors for older equipment.
  • Lead team in preventing bioterrorism by maintaining safe working areas; supervised employees during handling of contagious material.
  • Maintained supplies inventory for technicians, order materials as needed, replenish stocks, ensure proper storage conditions maintained at all times.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 5

  • Actively participated in the daily duties of Immunohematology Section by assigning patients, preforming punctures, and collecting blood samples.
  • Evaluated coagulation factors at Packed Cell Volume > 70% for pulmonary embolism detection to ensure accuracy during phlebotomy process.
  • Maintained records for both patient and physician by entering laboratory test results into computer.
  • Provided a safe working environment by adhering to all safety policies and completely executing a full body scan before starting a shift to ensure no injuries were sustained in the workplace.
  • Trained to draw blood from veins of patients during phlebotomy process with medical expertise to accurately identify rare cases of Polycythemia Vera, Dengue Fever, and Malaria.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 6

  • Performed quality control tests to ensure the lab was adhering to government regulations.
  • Provided excellent communication by speaking with patients, answering questions, and reassuring them prior to blood draws.
  • Prepared samples for testing using proper techniques, equipment, and documentation.
  • Maintained a positive relationship between employer and patient in the face of difficult circumstances.
  • Calibrated machines accurately within a 10% deviation from accepted levels in order to maintain accuracy of test results.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 7

  • Stained slides to facilitate accurate diagnoses for physicians.
  • Prepared samples using complex techniques including immunoassays, electroimmunoassays, and radioimmunoassays.
  • Documented data, prepared reports, tested specimens, scheduled appointments , queried databases for patient information.
  • Provided outstanding levels of customer service by answering questions regarding laboratory procedures and policies to visitors at the reception desk.
  • Performed routine tests reagents analysis with precision within 3% of labeled concentrations; resolved discrepancies prior to product release without compromising quality standards.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 8

  • Produced accurate results by following routine laboratory procedures; prepared samples for testing and analyzed results.
  • Recognized as positive presence in the workplace; encouraged colleagues to work efficiently and effectively, resulting in smooth operations.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of medical terminology regarding cellular growth and development during interviews with clients.
  • Appeared on national radio shows as ambassador and spokesperson for my state’s largest hospital, discussing current findings and breakthroughs in cancer research.
  • Maintained cleanliness of instruments and equipment valued at $3 million annually by setting an exemplary standard for others to follow.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 9

  • Assisted in testing and analysis of biological samples, such as blood and urine.
  • Examined slides under microscope; assessed color shades that indicated abnormalities within the blood cells for each patient sample.
  • Analyzed chemical composition of body fluids such as saliva, blood, and urine to monitor glucose levels for diabetic patients.
  • Coordinated with physicians to schedule visits and ordered diagnostic tests needed prior to physical exams or medical procedures.
  • Acted within scope of professional code in lab in reporting results and acting upon any findings in a timely manner and with discretion to ensure accuracy in determining proper treatment plan.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 10

  • Assisted in the collection of specimens.
  • Checked slides for accuracy, using microscopes.
  • Prepared blood samples at the lab’s satellite location when the main facility was closed.
  • Properly labeled all test tubes to ensure accuracy of results by utilizing our in-house computerized tracking system.
  • Awarded proficiency certificate in phlebotomy after successful completion of program requirements.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 11

  • Received the Director’s Award of Excellence for completing medical tests on over 94% of patients within one hour.
  • Undertook an audit to evaluate timeliness and quality of service, which revealed that only 1 error was committed in over 10,000 lab specimens processed.
  • Proven accuracy established by certification as a Medical Laboratory Scientist (ASCP) after successful completion of national board examination.
  • Skilled knowledge demonstrated during 4 years as a Team Leader; contributed to more than 20 Medicare denials by uncovering insurance frauds.
  • Recognized with distinction during 3 years providing services to profoundly disabled children; facilitated more than $500/month in savings for each child referred to the program.

Medical Lab Tech Resume Sample 12

  • Processed tests for detection of disease and disorders according to standardized laboratory protocols.
  • Adjusted instruments to manufacturing standards; performed tests on specimens submitted by examining physician or patients for evaluation of health status.
  • Performed diagnostic procedures, including Pap smear, blood work, gynecological exams, external ear wax removal; effectively treated minor injuries.
  • Investigated patient records; identified changes in case discussion; maintained notes regarding communication with referring physicians.
  • Attained the confidence and trust of co-workers by performing professional office duties with accuracy and consistency.

Wrap Up

To work as a medical lab technician, you need at least an associate’s degree in relevant fields to work as a medical lab technician. Medical lab technicians need to demonstrate strong practical skills, excellent organizational skills, ability to use initiative, good IT skills, excellent scientific knowledge, good written communication skills and ability to work under pressure.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

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