Manual Tester Resume Sample

Their duties include a focus on testing to make sure current systems are effective, participate in the design and development of testing tools, participate in design reviews, research and evaluate software, make note of any issues and report it to proper authorities, and analyze quality. In order to become a Manual Tester, you will need a bachelor’s degree in the technical field.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Manual Tester Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Manual Tester resumes for your reference.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 1

  • Identified and resolved defects in software; complied with company policies regarding error reporting, change control, and defect tracking.
  • Brought senior management to the development team; participated in decision-making regarding software development and provided feedback to hardware and software test engineers.
  • Worked with testers from different functional areas; shared information about defect correlations to ensure cross-team collaboration.
  • Communicated with developers directly to resolve defects; compiled defect status reports for the project manager.
  • Collaborated across functional areas (engineering, quality assurance, support); worked on critical defects identified by development teams.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 2

  • Resolved several problems in the product design software, including null return defects and 3-way interface defects.
  • Suggested improvements in the test bench design to support multiple test-bench processes.
  • Helped develop an automated testing tool to assist maintain and managing all software changes and upgrades.
  • Gained recognition as a champion of change for improving and enhancing departmental performance and flexibility.
  • Improved customer satisfaction through effective development, implementation, and training other testers on release package for new products.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 3

  • Managed a team of testers for a TSA software product.
  • Assigned and trained testers who ensured proper system functionality and product release.
  • Implemented and coordinated testing plans for new product releases and functional enhancements.
  • Managed error rates for new releases and provided documentation to management on required changes.
  • Handled customer requests for changes to an existing application.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 4

  • Laid out a 150-page manual and a 400-page novice guide.
  • Provided a list of proposed enhancements to the systems manual.
  • Designed a system that would manage project finances, measure quality, and benchmark progress.
  • Planned the creation of a document imaging application.
  • Compiled an internal control matrix for third-party software requirements.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 5

  • Recognized as an outstanding test taker; received student of the month award for excellence in academics and extracurricular activities.
  • Authored textbook, published paper, and presented an oral presentation at a national level conference; recognized as a top-scoring student in his class by instructors.
  • Recognized as the best paper writer for the company’s publication; competed against other students’ papers and was named to honor club.
  • Received the highest grade out of every individual who took that exam; competitively tested computer applications and networks.
  • Awarded top-notch performance rating by management for self-motivation, education, and work ethic.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 6

  • Accommodated and met the needs of customers.
  • Maintained quality levels and performed quality assurance activities as a Tier II mechanic Apprentice.
  • Performed maintenance repairs and preventive work; applied knowledge about vehicles, maintenance, and operations.
  • Successfully completed all tasks assigned by supervisor according to schedules and established service level objectives, resulting in the highest status possible.
  • Trained apprentice mechanics; completed tasks according to schedules.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 7

  • Tested and verified software systems; provided visual verification to design engineers and developers according to designs, specifications, and coding standards.
  • Gave outstanding customer service, taking time to handle questions and concerns from field users.
  • Achieved award for timely completion of testing; effectively multitasked; completed multiple tasks with ease.
  • Received a meaningless job title that didn’t require much effort on my part at the beginning of the hiring process because I was a good fit for the position in terms of attitude, aptitude, skill set, etc.
  • Received an award for innovation from the company that related to a new application of a specific software system.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 8

  • Achieved award for highest percentile in the test, resulting in IELTS certificate.
  • Observed effective oral and written skills; communicated effectively; selected the best material; worked according to the procedure; set priorities; made accurate notes on materials used.
  • Communicated with respect to process safety rules and guidelines with an effectively written report that was presented according to the procedure.
  • Worked according to procedure, obtained additional training; received outstanding review from Supervisor about outstanding performance on tests for which certification was applied.
  • Received quality award for the quality of work completed on samples which showed accurate coding of all procedures by code number or describing methodology.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 9

  • Tested the efficiency of online searches by monitoring searches for a major electronics retailer. Identified searches that were not working properly and proposed solutions to management.
  • Worked with the CEO, COO, and VPs of Engineering to develop a manual test strategy for a key area of business. The project met its deadlines, the budget was respected, and all deliverables were within specifications.
  • Completed a manual systems testing project in which 75% of the automated testing was completed 30 days ahead of schedule with no defects. The project saved the company $4 million in operating costs per year.
  • Made a presentation to the CEO and several members of the executive team on why manual testing is so important as a cost-saving process.
  • Received a superior rating as a results-oriented test engineer who was able to work with the development team to develop a comprehensive testing plan that was later approved by management.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 10

  • Led the manual testing of the newly designed product; ascertained that the newly designed product met all functional and performance criteria.
  • Participated in developing and executing script language to test newly designed products; devised new scripts to ensure that all design requirements were tested.
  • Achieved high test coverage with respect to both new and existing products; recognized by management for high test coverage rates and efficiencies.
  • Designed, programmed, and implemented revision control system for development environment; reduced development time by 15% while maintaining the quality of products.
  • Deployed a comprehensive help desk training system for both internal and external users that had a positive impact on customer satisfaction rates.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 11

  • Managed complex software projects contributing to complex programs involving thousands of applications, code, and data.
  • Demonstrated excellent communication skills which allowed teamwork within teams for projects.
  • Achieved award for meeting quality standards; performed quality inspections on assigned software products.
  • Received outstanding quality award; performed extensive research into the details of programming difficulties.
  • Earned recognition as a star tester; designed and implemented tests to identify bugs in the software before they become defects.

Manual Tester Resume Sample 12

  • Met or exceeded daily testing goals by designing and developing computer test scripts to verify the accuracy of software requirements.
  • Reduced cost of testing by designing and implementing an automated test suite for regression tests.
  • Submitted a patent application, “Method for Fast Identification of Error-Prone Modules”; recognized as a key contributor to the team that developed the module tester that reduced tester’s time by 80%.
  • Recognized as an Outstanding Team Member for consistently meeting team goals; awarded a bonus for exceeding goals.
  • Awarded DSMNE Best Tester Award; ranked first among peers in error identification rate.

Wrap Up

To be a successful Manual Tester you will need strong quality and assurance judgment, experience in software development, ability to apply technical requirements to testing, experience with automated testing, strong computer skills, excellent time management, and attention to detail, and experience with various testing software.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

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