Laboratory Manager Resume Sample

A Laboratory Manager oversees a medical or research laboratory. Their duties include scheduling staff, ensuring safety procedures are being followed, reordering laboratory supplies, maintaining equipment and security of data collected, and training lab technicians and assistants.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Laboratory Manager Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Laboratory Manager resumes for your reference.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 1

  • Managed a department that screened for potential AIDS, organ transplant recipients and patients with various blood-borne diseases.
  • Trained staff of seven on techniques of specimen collection and processing; maintained instrumentation, ensuring compliance with safety rules and regulations.
  • Oversaw the activities of the Quality Control section by monitoring test procedures to assure accuracy and reliability.
  • Reorganized work flow procedure for all laboratory areas to promote more effective management and allocation of resources.
  • Implemented strict safety rules and guidelines in laboratory environment while achieving over 50% decrease in accidents while working in emergency room.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 2

  • Improved staff retention and increased office efficiency through superior problem solving and mediation skills.
  • Managed all aspects of the lab’s operating budget.
  • Provided excellent customer service to staff, clinicians, and patients by maintaining a clean patient lounge area.
  • Planned and coordinated laboratory activities for large outpatient clinics.
  • Pioneered “wellness programs” to reduce expenditures for medical procedures by analyzing risk factors associated with existing conditions.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 3

  • Responsible for managing laboratory facility, equipment and supplies; maintaining inventory records.
  • Promoted to shift supervisor after directing staff training in safety procedures and customer service.
  • Honored with the “Legendary Employee” award for reaching criteria of efficiency, productivity, and reliability in all tasks assigned.
  • Acted as shift leader during manager’s illness by leading daily meetings, delegating responsibilities efficiently to each lab member, and reviewing staff members’ assignments.
  • Pioneered effective data management strategies that enabled organization to double its sales profits within a year using newly developed PC-based system.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 4

  • Ensure that the safety and well-being of laboratory workers, scientists, visitors to the lab occur in compliance with federal safety standards.
  • Review safety procedures for equipment regularly used by technicians; update manuals as appropriate. Maintain inventory of chemicals and supplies for daily use.
  • Updated data sheets to include results obtained during toxicity tests; reported observations on stationary phases used by technicians to lab supervisors.
  • Organized staff meetings within one month of taking position; projected monthly goals at meeting’s completion.
  • Managed potential risks by adhering to safe working conditions according to OSHA requirements while performing all assigned tasks during emergency situations.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 5

  • Managed a laboratory devoted to hazardous waste removal and disposal.
  • Managed a team of seven technicians in performing blood draws, drug testing, urine drug screens, and employee physicals for over 1,500 employees.
  • Fostered teamwork with peers through clear communication and positive reinforcement of collaborative efforts.
  • Analyzed year-end data from insurance carriers to make budget projections for next fiscal year.
  • Achieved increased revenue by developing an online account management system that improved customer service performance while increasing patient satisfaction scores by more than 10%. Developed new prices which were met with overall approval from staff members. Awarded Employee of the Year 2009 for outstanding service in laboratory department.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 6

  • Tracked and documented all laboratory specimens, logged in lab results, performed inventory control and maintained the integrity of the laboratory.
  • Assisted office manager by maintaining files and keeping track of insurance authorizations and claims for billing services to ensure timely payment.
  • Prepared accurate entries into company’s general ledger system; formulated reports from data entered into computerized accounting system.
  • Protected patient confidentiality by engaging in daily use of blood born pathogen precautions while providing phlebotomy services.
  • Transformed office into a team-oriented work environment through effective human resource management practices that improved employee morale, motivation, job satisfaction, teamwork, communication skills, productivity standards, attendance/tardiness, and customer service.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 7

  • Oversaw lab activities, equipment and supplies for over 200 research groups in a highly collaborative environment.
  • Improved the flow of laboratory testing by streamlining processes to reduce costs.
  • Increased revenue by $2 million through sales of specialized instruments used in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.
  • Facilitated interdepartmental communication through email correspondence with all lab personnel, from senior management to technicians.
  • Advised whole staff on meeting ISO 9001 standard for excellence throughout department operations.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 8

  • Promoted to Laboratory Manager after six months of extensive training.
  • Trained all laboratory employees in compliance with OSHA safety regulations.
  • Provided leadership for five shift supervisors, oversaw the quality assurance program, and hired new employees.
  • Resolved chemical spills that occurred during routine use by attending spill control/fundamental hazard response training courses.
  • Developed a management information system capable of automating perform laboratory tasks through Access databases and Excel spreadsheets.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 9

  • Implemented cost-saving measures through proper use of reagents, supplies, and media resulting in lower costs to the department.
  • Led successful acquisition of funding by providing information on equipment replacement needs.
  • Recruited, hired, trained, mentored new lab personnel including students from local colleges to assist with laboratory workloads.
  • Collaborated with multiple departments to streamline operations resulting in improved customer satisfaction by reducing turnaround time for reports.
  • Facilitated better understanding within the organization of goals and accomplishments as a result of thorough documentation and reporting procedures.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 10

  • Oversee employees’ performance in both administrative and technical positions.
  • Implement new quality control systems for pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Take initiative in developing new testing protocols for infectious diseases, cancers, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Manage all laboratory areas reaching daily production rates of 90 tests or specimens per day.
  • Ensure the integrity of medical research with strict adherence to HIPAA protocol throughout the process from test set-up to report distribution.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 11

  • Analyzed 300 samples for calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron concentrations using ICP-OES machine.
  • Managed all aspects of sample receiving to ensure accurate testing.
  • Increased lab productivity by 15% through revisions in the ordering process & workflow improvement.
  • Developed an automated invoice processing system from start to finish which saved time and money.
  • Provided training to staff on new equipment, protocols, and methodology.

Laboratory Manager Resume Sample 12

  • Initiated office improvements that reduced costs by 25% for three years in a row.
  • Formulated new procedures to ensure tests are administered correctly.
  • Presented “Staff Appreciation” award at periodic company meetings for outstanding performance.
  • Promoted from Team Leader after completing one year training program, attending lectures, seminar workshops, weekly meetings with management team to develop leadership skills, understanding change process and communication strategies using effective tools related to effective problem solving & decision making.
  • Participated in successful city-wide annual blood drive; presented certificates of recognition for contributions made which was received by the Mayor of the City Council.

Wrap Up

To work as a Laboratory Manager, you should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or related technical field, depending on the specific type of laboratory. Laboratory Managers should demonstrate technical knowledge of their field, ability to communicate and present technical information, experience operating and maintaining laboratory equipment, and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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