Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample

A food production supervisor manages staff and ensures food production for a company. A food production supervisor’s responsibilities include making schedules, abiding by sanitation regulations and standards, monitoring employee productivity, managing manufacturing procedures, providing solutions to technical issues, hiring employees, and training employees.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Food Production Supervisor Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Food Production Supervisor resumes for your reference.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 1

  • Managed 12-member staff to ensure safety, sanitation, and food quality in the production of sandwiches.
  • Instituted new safety procedures for food contact surfaces to avoid cross-contamination; 100% compliance with HACCP recommendations.
  • Trained staff in all aspects of sandwich preparation; average internship tenure tripled.
  • Initiated profit sharing program for employees to promote employee satisfaction and long term employee retention.
  • Presented to senior management on the effects of product innovation on store revenue; store managers increased profits 6% in 6 months.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 2

  • Greeted guests upon arrival, handled emergencies, and assisted with their requests.
  • Reinforced positive behavior in all staff members by implementing training programs to promote excellence.
  • Restructured the menu based on customer needs.
  • Educated kitchen staff on special diets.
  • Distributed profit percentages based on quality control performance during monthly profit sharing ceremonies.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 3

  • Trained and coached employees in proper food handling, hygiene, and sanitation.
  • Increased profits by exceeding daily production quotas that could not be accomplished with existing labor force.
  • Resolved conflicts among kitchen staff and remained objective to maintain a healthy work environment.
  • Improved morale by allowing employees to participate in decisions regarding the menu and incentive programs.
  • Managed employee benefits and insurance plans using accurate and timely data to achieve cost neutrality.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 4

  • Hired and trained all employees; developed and implemented employee handbooks; oversaw hiring, training, and performance reviews.
  • Developed standardized operating procedures to streamline office activities.
  • Directed employees to maintain a safe, clean work environment.
  • Trained and supervised multiple employees to include those in hazardous production environments.
  • Directed food service operations for a 450-bed facility.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 5

  • Supervised production, presentation, and service of food items to exceed guests’ satisfaction.
  • Managed kitchen staff to maintain sanitary conditions, avoid food-borne illnesses, maximize food quality, and maintain quality control.
  • Decreased costs related to food waste by 1% during cost-cutting measures.
  • Implemented tracking system to ensure proper accounting of all inventory.
  • Developed breakfast menu for Coffee House Restaurant that produced high sales volume during slower business hours.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 6

  • Responsible for overseeing food production in conjunction with the Chef de Cuisine.
  • Effectively supervised food preparation, cooking, and serving of meals to customers, in accordance with company’s protocols for health regulations.
  • Managed relationships with two sous chefs in facilitating daily operations; recognized by the management team for superior job performance.
  • Obtained certification of food-handling skills to ensure regulatory compliance with local and state codes.
  • Secured authorization from management for conducting employee training sessions after incorporating a 15% improvement in food costs due to a reduction in waste.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 7

  • Reduced food spoilage from 17.8% to 11.7% relative to the previous month.
  • Established a new food preparation procedure for food items that had been frequently reported as being unsatisfactory by customers.
  • Achieved a record-breaking 65% increase in customer satisfaction ratings from customers who dined at the restaurant during a 5-day period.
  • Reduced labor costs by 14% through cost-saving training and adopting more efficient food preparation procedures.
  • Recognized as the best performing employee of the month; achieved highest customer satisfaction rating of all team members with an average of 4.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 8

  • Trained and supervised employees in proper food preparation and service in accordance with customer satisfaction and government regulations.
  • Offered courses in employee development, sanitation, and safety.
  • Managed food production operations to ensure high-quality product output.
  • Coordinated environmental initiatives to improve energy conservation and indoor air quality through safe food handling practices.
  • Achieved the highest customer service rating of any restaurant in the local area for 13 consecutive quarters.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 9

  • Managed a food production and food inventory staff to produce and maintain a high-quality product for customers.
  • Supervised the store’s daily store production and store product quality to ensure compliance with quality standards.
  • Performed financial analysis of the restaurant, developed and implemented cost control policies, and developed raw materials planning.
  • Established sound relationships with vendors such as restaurants, distributors, and vendors to avoid supplier disputes and secure repeat business.
  • Developed an established serviceable supplier network to match supply requirements with sales trends without compromising on quality or service levels.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 10

  • Supervised all phases of food production including purchasing, cooking, and targeting inventory accuracy.
  • Trained employees to produce top quality products in order to meet customer specifications.
  • Communicated with customers about product quality and provided delivery time recommendations.
  • Assisted in the development of new recipes to increase demand for product at market locations.
  • Developed new recipes for increasing sales volume by increasing variety, amount, and type of food offered through the menu.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 11

  • Supervised and coordinated 30 employees during evening shift in the kitchen of a busy restaurant.
  • Streamlined all food preparation operations according to health and safety regulations.
  • Provided emergency call response service for the entire facility, alleviating employee concerns over food quality, service, and cleanliness.
  • Developed and enforced procedures to ensure proper sanitization practices for both equipment and food preparation areas.
  • Reduced costs by purchasing weekly supplies of produce from local farmer, thus reducing spoilage losses due to transportation delays.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 12

  • Supervised a large kitchen crew to ensure a clean, efficient, and safe work environment.
  • Recruited and hired new employees.
  • Trained and communicated with the leadership team to ensure a positive work environment for all staff.
  • Managed two construction crews to successfully complete projects on schedule.
  • Managed relationships between staff, vendors, and management in the labor dispute that required company assistance in September 2003 when an employee strike closed the restaurant for three months when negotiations failed.

Food Production Supervisor Resume Sample 13

  • Controlled and managed daily production and product safety and sanitation during the busiest times of the day.
  • Analyzed and identified production, safety, and sanitation problem areas; provided solutions to improve effectiveness and quality.
  • Inspected worker performance to ensure safety procedures were followed; received award for outstanding performance in food safety.
  • Received appreciation award from the Regional Food Production Director; identified alternative purchasing strategies which resulted in cost savings of 10 percent.
  • Evaluated current operations for opportunities for improvement by analyzing productivity, quality, inventory levels, transportation costs, packaging materials, work flow patterns, employee job performance ratings/surveys, etc.

Wrap Up

To become a food production supervisor, years of experience in the food industry is required. Some companies prefer candidates with a degree in a related field. A food production supervisor must be able to multitask, must have excellent managerial skills, must have excellent interpersonal skills, must have excellent communication skills, must be a problem-solver, must be analytical, and must be able to work in a team.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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