Fitness Trainer Resume Sample

A fitness trainer’s primary role is to help people reach their fitness and health goals. Some of their duties include workout and meal planning, educate their clients on physical fitness, help their clients set and achieve weight loss and fitness goals, meeting clients to discuss their needs or complete exercises and make sure that the fitness facility that they work in runs smoothly.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Fitness Trainer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Fitness Trainer resumes for your reference.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 1

  • Trained over 360 women to achieve peak physical fitness levels with the use of yoga, aerobics, and weight training.
  • Projected self-confidence, self-awareness, and body awareness during personal fitness training using motivational hypnosis.
  • Attained maximum physical performance through training in Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Boxing, Wrestling ,and Pentjak Silat.
  • Trained athletes in Muay Thai kickboxing before it became popular in Thailand. Extremely aggressive strength is used for this art.
  • Received award for promoting healthy living through physical fitness; produced an exercise video entitled “Women of the Future”.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 2

  • Planned and implemented fitness center maintenance, client programs, group fitness activities, and facility maintenance.
  • Directed instruction for over 40 hours per week of corresponding classes pertaining to strength training, cardiovascular education, flexibility techniques for individuals with health problems, and therapeutic classes relating to physical rehabilitation.
  • Trained thousands of students during my six years of involvement in the fitness industry.
  • Achieved recognition as one of the top 50 personal trainers in Los Angeles by winning first place at the Los Angeles Fitness Association’s Achievement Awards presentation ceremony.
  • Formed a group fitness home studio out of my own home to train clients as well as provide training for private trainers.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 3

  • Created and led one of the most successful fitness centers in Chicago.
  • Designed and maintained health program schedule, fitness schedule, and proper exercise conditioning for over 400 participants for over 12 months.
  • Developed extensive knowledge of strength training, martial arts, dance, and music to effectively motivate large groups of people to achieve their goals.
  • Obtained award for outstanding performance as a Master Trainer; effectively taught machines with weight machine handling competencies.
  • Developed European clientele by designing special programs to suit client’s needs. Maintained client retention rates above 90%.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 4

  • Promoted internationally recognized brands of nutritional supplements, weight-loss programs, and fitness equipment.
  • Trained clientele in 30 states, Puerto Rico, and one foreign country via private training programs.
  • Gained experience coaching professional baseball players to strength and conditioning improvement.
  • Exercised leadership serving as a martial arts instructor until promoted to fitness trainer by completing an instructor certification course.
  • Worked for one year as a personal trainer at the Westside Health Club where received peer recognition award for personal training performance demonstrating progressive leadership skills. @1: Motivated at-risk teens to participate in health and fitness classes by sharing my own experience of overcoming adversity.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 5

  • Led diverse individuals through an intense one hour boot camp each morning, emphasizing speed, power, and endurance exercises.
  • Founded a community volunteer group focused on volunteerism, community service projects, and fitness training outreach.
  • Provided free fitness guidance to children in the inner city after school program for two years.
  • Pursued a Health and Physical Education degree from a Big Ten university to pursue a career in fitness instruction.
  • Designed a cardio circuit for a group of 30 obese individuals, which included 12 steps for each individual to complete within a three-minute time frame.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 6

  • Guided three senior citizens in reaching their fitness goals of running 50 miles each in under 2 months.
  • Supervised workouts for 120 high school students including cardiovascular training, strength improvement, and flexibility exercises.
  • Assisted two professional athletes in their physical preparation by providing lessons on weight lifting techniques, running strategies, and flexibility improvement.
  • Provided inspiration to four personal training clients by remaining dedicated to their objectives of weight loss, increased muscle mass, and improved overall health.
  • Founded, organized, and implemented team fitness programs for kids and teens at schools, community centers, churches, schools, and businesses.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 7

  • Achieved certification as a Master Trainer by the International Federation of Fitness Instructors (IFFI).
  • Designed personal training programs for individual clients under one-on-one supervision.
  • Developed nutrition plans based on client’s age, height, weight, level of physical activity; taught them about other ways to eat well; enforced discipline; recommended healthy food choices.
  • Attractive appearance encouraged community involvement through participation in charity fund-raising events to raise money for worthy causes.
  • Developed training plan for over 100 young adults and children, in a range of fitness disciplines, including martial arts, aerobics, and boxing.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 8

  • Conducted both recreational and competitive classes for over 200 participants.
  • Produced fitness programs called JACKPOT for community events.
  • Produced martial arts fitness programs called JUJITSU.
  • Designed media presentation for aerobics classes that won a national competition in 2002.
  • Created fitness programs of varying difficulty levels including safety exercises for infants, children, preschoolers, teenagers, and adults.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 9

  • Earned distinction as the only certified fitness trainer in all of San Diego County where I lived.
  • Trained over 300 people of many different levels of fitness to single digit body fat percentages.
  • Trained athletes of all ages and backgrounds on nutrition and portion control. Worked out with professional athletes representing various professional sports teams that ranged from the high school level to the Olympic level. Worked out with over twenty world goalkeepers including some who were national team members representing their countries in international competitions. Worked out with over ten professional soccer players of various nationalities who had trained for and participated in international competitions. Worked out with five Olympic hopefuls, almost all of whom were elite level athletes.
  • Hired and trained over one hundred personal trainers.
  • Trained employees in fitness and nutrition to boost productivity, increase energy, promote health, and provide greater comfort.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 10

  • Wherein received recognition for superior performance (first place) at the Broward County Weightlifting Championships.
  • Recognized as one of three finalists for Fitness Trainer of the Year by the FITNESS Magazine staff.
  • Recognized by the Miami Herald newspaper as an American Heart Association member for making significant contribution to the health of South Floridians.
  • Received awards for Excellence in Education and Counseling from Health Insurance Companies.
  • Protected the interests of employees by encouraging fitness in the workplace.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 11

  • Certified over 20+ people in CrossFit, functional strength training, and endurance/performance training.
  • Achieved 3rd place at Pan American Games, World Cup tests; earned Best Coach Award.
  • Created exercise program for pregnant women which addressed physical and psychological changes of pregnancy.
  • Recognized with gold award for outstanding achievement in fitness; noted by my peers as a positive influence on lives of others.
  • Visitied with weight training, bodybuilding, and fitness classes to help them mold their bodies with the goal of becoming more fit and healthier.

Fitness Trainer Resume Sample 12

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