Collections Officer Resume Sample

A Collections Officer is responsible for recovering late or delinquent payments, debts, and other funds from past customers who still owe money. Duties of a collections officer include writing letters, sending letters in the mail, writing emails, making telephone calls, assisting customers with payment plans, processing payments, and entering data.

For many, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Collections Officer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Collections Officer resumes for your reference.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 1

  • Collected delinquent accounts; maintained quality performance.
  • Effectively handled legal subpoenas, garnishments, and other legal documents for collection purposes; processed pre-litigation steps with customers.
  • Attained recognition for performing over 1,600 collections tasks annually while maintaining 95% collection rate on reviewed accounts; ratio ranked number one in the nation out of 900 offices.
  • Identify, register accounts receivable; process assets without error or delay; prepared outstanding reports which were cited by regional office management as benchmarks of excellence to other offices.
  • Successfully completed optional courses in automotive computer systems repair and instruction technology methods at a prestigious technical college after fast track completion from high school.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 2

  • Collected overdue accounts; restored customer satisfaction by ensuring that customers received the highest level of service, using interpersonal skills to resolve financial problems.
  • Managed office operations; personally trained subordinates for more than 50 collections calls per month.
  • Delivered abnormal performance during transition periods; provided leadership and guidance for departmental goals.
  • Closed $425K in delinquent debt through investigation and collaboration with outside agencies, including law enforcement authorities.
  • Oversaw delinquency reporting process; developed enhanced tracking techniques to facilitate collection of past due accounts.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 3

  • Collected delinquent accounts to 100% recovery rate; the most successful account processor in the district.
  • Annually received award for outstanding performance; recognized by branch manager for 100% recovery goal achievement.
  • Met all federal, state, and company debt collection guidelines during initial training.
  • Monitored disbursement of customer payments to vendors, researched payment patterns, returned calls regarding questions regarding financial transactions processed previously.
  • Successfully provided collections assistance on new accounts; called customers who had not yet made arrangements for payment of their purchases to assure their understanding of the terms established prior to sale.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 4

  • Actively pursue overdue payments by telephone, mail, computer, and social media.
  • Create payment plans for clients who are experiencing financial hardship to ensure that they do not have their utilities cut off or be evicted from their home.
  • Determine the status of delinquent accounts using internal systems; analyze delinquencies for trends and invoice totals.
  • Collect past due balances owed on all assigned accounts; coordinate with third party agencies.
  • Attend annual training seminars to maintain certification in the responsible handling of credit cards by both merchant and client under federal regulations.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 5

  • Resolved consumer credit issues resulting from loan application fraud, identity theft, and credit card fraud.
  • Determined whether or not consumers had the ability to fulfill payment obligations; communicated with customers to arrange for timely payments.
  • Composed letters of delinquency to customers who were behind in their payments; negotiated payment arrangements/plans with delinquent customers.
  • Increased customer satisfaction scores based on research results which focused on how well I maintained good relationships between company representatives and consumers whose loans were being processed.
  • Actively contributed to corporate team success by developing methods for reaching difficult-to-collect accounts without compromising quality control standards.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 6

  • Contacted delinquent customers to set up repayment plans and collect monies owed.
  • Completed over 40 collection calls daily while maintaining the proper attitude, tone of voice, and outlook.
  • Exceeded quota by $20K within first 6 months; recognized by the District Manager for outstanding performance .
  • Promoted to Collections Supervisor after 1 year of service due to unsurpassed record of customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Acted as mediator between management and lower level employees performing duties such as disciplinary hearings, grievances, formal complaints, wage disputes, etc..

Collections Officer Resume Sample 7

  • Contributed to the overall success of the collections process by identifying delinquent accounts in good standing.
  • Allowed for positive customer relations by applying tactful communication skills in order to resolve consumer billing issues, often leading to account restorations.
  • Effectively obtained information regarding disputed claims through strong customer service techniques, resulting in higher recovery rates and revenue figures.
  • Resolved escalated customer complaints with professional-level written communication to produce successful resolutions.
  • Saved time and money when processing, organizing, and tracking overdue accounts; fostered productivity within company projects alongside interacting with fellow colleagues.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 8

  • Received award for outstanding performance in collections; recuperated overdue payments on delinquent accounts.
  • Worked with the highest level of professionalism while treating customers respectfully, courteously, and fairly so that they would feel comfortable establishing their trust in me.
  • Achieved tax credit on sales through exceptional customer service skills, which translated to increased business referrals throughout the community.
  • Generated increase in sales revenue of 20% within six months by working extended hours during the holiday season.
  • Maintained excellence in office efficiency; decreased office errors by re-organizing data work flow procedures.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 9

  • Generated customer satisfaction with phone and face-to-face collections through skillful problem solving, explanation of consequences, and empathy.
  • Completed a total of five college courses in two years recently achieving an A+ grade point average.
  • Managed office tasks by tracking accounts receivable aging reports to ensure accurate collection procedures for timely payment processing.
  • Assisted in the preparation of weekly account analysis reports that forecasted income potentials based on successful client relationships.
  • Redirected client relations during periods of financial difficulty; managed multiple clients’ requests while upholding company’s ethical responsibilities to afford proper confidentiality and protect personal information.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 10

  • Demonstrated proven expertise in negotiations, liaison, and mediation to achieve mutually-advantageous agreements.
  • Effectively handled multiple time sensitive tasks simultaneously while providing targeted customer service through prioritization.
  • Able to support 24/7 call center efforts with the ability to properly prioritize incoming calls after working on a 4-section rotating schedule. Worked more than one section during emergencies or when call volume was high.
  • Achieved the highest rating of any agent for number of resolved issues within 30 days; recognized by senior management.
  • Recognized for excellence in 8 years of performing quality work that has directly improved credit worthiness for businesses by managing accounts receivable portfolio under-collection.

Collections Officer Resume Sample 11

  • Quickly updated internal legal documents on documentation of accounts receivables.
  • Met due date for assignment of assignments by analyzing issues regarding collection procedures; prepared for arbitration of delinquent accounts.
  • Utilized business planning skills to determine fees, interest, and contracts during career as a collections officer.
  • Worked with client credit department on rights and responsibilities regarding debt collecting reports.
  • Trained junior-level staff in resolving outstanding payments from consumers after two years in Collections Department at Regional Bank.

Wrap Up

To work as a Collections Officer, you will need a high school diploma or equivalent, and some on-the-job training may be required. Skills that a Collections Officer must demonstrate include communication skills, organization, basic computer skills, attention to detail, data entry, empathy, negotiation skills, and basic math skills.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.


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