Cognos Developer Resume Sample

A Cognos Developer is someone who works with IBM Business Intelligence software, and uses charts, flow diagrams, and other reports to give information on the effectiveness of a business’s practices. Duties of a Cognos Developer include design and development of reports, implementing security, developing portals, delivery of business intelligence solutions to clients, ensuring successful delivery or projects, and working with different software.

For many people, writing a resume can be daunting. If you are working on your own, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to include and how best to present yourself.

The sample resumes below provide great examples of how to write an effective resume.

The Best Cognos Developer Resume Samples

These are some examples of accomplishments we have handpicked from real Cognos Developer resumes for your reference.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 1

  • Contributed to the development of customized Cognos BI reporting software for Digital Marketing.
  • Created queries, reports, and dashboards using both Excel PivotTables and Cognos Query Studio; consolidated multiple data sources into a single source for clients to access through Cognos Connection.
  • Provided technical support for customers via telephone, instant messages (IM) chat sessions, e-mail, or online form submissions; researched problems within the application by utilizing various methods of troubleshooting.
  • Identified opportunities for improvement based on conducting quality control checks of work performed; implemented additional testing procedures as required.
  • Collaborated with project manager during Planning Phase tasks including requirements gathering sessions with business users and development team.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 2

  • Designed, developed, and integrated Cognos reporting solution for analyst team regarding company product offerings.
  • Authored detailed design documents including high-level conceptual data model diagrams.
  • Performed testing on numerous releases to ensure system met requirements; designed and developed automated unit tests using Informatica PowerCenter.
  • Developed interim reporting solution based on Cognos 8 BI version 3 which was later abandoned for newer version of Cognos developed in Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB).
  • Expose business intelligence with a team of analysts through effective use of data visualization techniques in the final reporting suite.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 3

  • Acquired knowledge of Cognos 8 BI tools to transform and access data from a variety of sources.
  • Distributed information to various stakeholders through multiple channels, such as reports, dashboards, tablets/handhelds by using the ReportNet framework.
  • Collaborated with team members in order to provide a comprehensive solution for a global Fortune-25 company based on the specific needs of the client.
  • Articulate complex business rules into IBM Cognos Developer functionality by creating custom SQL queries and physical data models that conform to existing standards sets.
  • Identified opportunities for process improvement which resulted in decreased time spent on repetitive tasks and minimized manual processes related to job responsibilities.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 4

  • Developed & designed Cognos report for production support; documented technical specifications, modified queries and reports; tested results.
  • Hired by the largest financial software company in the world to provide application support on an established Cognos/SQL Server project.
  • Reduced hardware requirements of department by improving existing Cognos code.
  • Designed recently-released new query module within Cognos 8 BI to ensure compliant with corporate standards; trained 30+ associates for weekly roll-out to 1,000+ users worldwide.
  • Identified opportunity to increase business productivity through data analysis leading to development of SQL queries and reports that resolved key business issues resulting in improved ROI.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 5

  • Utilized Cognos 8 tool to create strategic reporting interface for management staff.
  • Optimized Cognos application performance with improved metadata and SQL configuration, which increased execution time by 97%.
  • Conceived new data visualization tools with enhanced interactive capabilities; contribution resulted in a patent-pending technology.
  • Collaborated on development of an OLAP cube using Analysis Services that successfully integrated 2 disparate systems and allowed faster decision making for marketing decisions.
  • Prompted high volume transaction processing with re-designed ETL Jobs that reduced runtime from 10 hours to 1 hour and 12 minutes resulting in an increase of net profits.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 6

  • Introduced new reporting concept to business intelligence team using Cognos ReportWriter.
  • Assisted in developing a web-reporting application designed for data discovery and analysis by nontechnical business users.
  • Spearheaded the rollout of Cognos Analytics to connect with SAP Business Warehouse, enabling users to access any combination of data from multiple sources simultaneously.
  • Oversaw the conversion of eleven reports into interactive reports delivered through Cognos 8 BI components including ad hoc query, scheduling, distribution list management, user security models, alerts/triggers/notifications, drill options, embedded links, editable session history grids, sorting capabilities.
  • Implemented KPI objects including standard calculations for both operational and analytic KPI objects.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 7

  • Improved process for risk analysis and remediation by developing a project quality management system, while meeting deadlines and reducing costs.
  • Orchestrated the development of reports and queries to present consolidated information in an organized manner; managed and maintained application configurations and minimized downtime using troubleshooting skills.
  • Analyzed current architecture and implemented best practice standards to improve development productivity; increased system availability through proactive monitoring of applications during off hours.
  • Conducted data research, collected requirements, designed business process flows, developed specifications, prototyped screens, built reports/queries/applications/modules with Cognos 8 BI software.
  • Provided technical support for upgrades resulting in reduced server down time and improved system performance; implemented procedures for ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting server issues.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 8

  • Implemented a solution that was optimized for maintenance and data quality, while adhering to the company’s information management standards.
  • Provided support to ten other analysts while mentoring three high-potential junior analyst in the team.
  • Ran automated overnight jobs which compiled monthly reports from production databases and sent them out to key executives.
  • Worked with users across other business units by providing technical guidance on projects built on Cognos software.
  • Received national recognition from the Software Association of Oregon for addressing an industry-wide issue by implementing a new standard in our product line.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 9

  • Structured Cognos CI/II Series 4 reports for cluster analysis of population demographics.
  • Enhanced software interface for multi-dimensional reporting of federal spending by state and congressional district.
  • Implemented Cognos Series 7 to interface with Oracle databases for report generation.
  • Developed relational database architecture prototype utilizing XML files for integration of data from multiple sources.
  • Introduced new technologies to take advantage of emerging market opportunities, resulting in increased sales revenue.

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 10

  • Organized and conducted a three-day, hands-on workshop on Cognos Express covering basic to advanced topics.
  • Synthesized business needs with software requirements by consulting with business representatives; developed reports using SQL queries to display desired data.
  • Led the creation of online training course for application developers; wrote detailed lesson plans customized for each audience member’s experience level.
  • Created several Cognos reports, saved in the library as “canned” report objects, which provide management access to important company data at any time.
  • Implemented self-help widgets for end users’ convenience; created widgets that track real estate listings along with customer contact information (name, phone numbers, etc.)

Cognos Developer Resume Sample 11

  • Led a team of 6 members in the development of user interfaces for Cognos 8 BI Suite under strict project guidelines.
  • Pioneered automated testing process, decreasing regression test time from 4 hours to 10 minutes.
  • Spearheaded design and development of an Internet-based reporting system; received “Best Development Project” award by IBM Canada Ltd..
  • Collaborated with key stakeholders to identify functional requirements for ITIL compliance; contracted on various projects ranging from new system builds, server management, data warehouse automation, BI platform integration.
  • Identified opportunities for optimization while designing reports using SSRS; attained optimal speed performance after implementing the correct indexes on the database.

Wrap Up

To obtain a position as a Cognos Developer, you will most likely need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or a business degree. Necessary skills include a strong knowledge of the Cognos system, efficiency using various analytic data tools, strong communication, ability to collaborate with others, proficiency in flow charts and graphs, and delivering strong business solutions to clients.

Resumes are a crucial aspect of any job search. In order to make a good first impression, it is important that your resume be formatted and written professionally. To create the perfect resume, think about what skills and qualities you want your future employer to see.

Hope these samples gave you an idea of what your resume should look like and some tips on how to make sure that your resume stands out from the rest.

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